Ohio Students Learning About Medical Marijuana Industry

Photo Credit: Brian Davies

Ohio is inching closer to getting its medical marijuana program up and running.

On Saturday, a Florida-based company held training courses in the Cleveland area for those who want to work in cannabis business once it’s legalized.

“I think that it has a lot of medical benefits and have seen the benefits in one of my friend’s child who has seizures,” said Lisa Fulton, student.

For some, medical marijuana means less pain, nausea or spasms. However, others admit their interests are purely academic and financial.

“I’m not particularly passionate about the medical marijuana industry,” said Tyler Engel, student. “I’m here for professional development, just to add another certification to my resume.”

The students learned about how a marijuana dispensary works and the different types from topical marijuana to edibles (which are just like Listerine strips), pills filled with marijuana oil, and vaporizers.

All these types are set to be legal in Ohio this fall. The only type that will not be legal is smoking marijuana joints.

After a quick 4-hour lesson, the students had to get at least 75 percent on their test to get certification with HempStaff.

“it’s imperative that they do understand it collectively, if they don’t they can potentially give the cardholder the wrong advice on the purchase of a particular product,” said Rosie Yagielo, HempStaff President and Co-Founder.

For one job in the cannabis industry, Yagielo said there are usually 100 applicants, so it’s very competitive. These courses are supposed to give those applicants a leg up in the interview process. The students talked to Channel 3 about what they want to do in the medical cannabis industry.

“I’m hoping just to get more of the general management aspect, whether it be in a dispensary or even a grow facility,” said Cavan Hartline, student.

“I’m kind of a go-with-the-flow type of chick, so I just want to see where life takes me. I don’t have a plan at this moment,” said Lisa Fulton, student.

The Ohio Medical Board recently opened its online application to certify doctors for medical marijuana. They are the first point of contact for patients seeking to qualify for this soon-to-be legal drug.

Ohio’s medical marijuana program is supposed to be operating by September.