CBD A Patient’s Guide To Medicinal Cannabis Review


As anyone interested in learning about the complicated subject of CBD after attempting to, as they say, “read the literature” will tell you, most scientists are poor writers. Sadly, most writers can’t do science, either. Lucky for us, the rising popularity of this canna-compound has led two authors to produce the perfect compromise: CBD – A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis.

Finally, an easy-to-understand book that teaches “regular” people what CBD and THC really do and how to benefit from them in clearly explained ways, whilst not ignoring the science but not making it boring to non-scientists.

CBD is designed as a very easy guide for people who want the basics in a very readable format. It includes sections covering:

  • The basics of human biology and chemistry when it comes to cannabis and CBD.
  • Dosage and delivery guidance and methods for ingestion, inhalation, and topical use strategies.
  • Suggested treatments for an array of specified medical conditions from Depression and Diabetes to Cancer, IBS, PTSD, and other common diseases.
  • Strain-specific guidelines and recommendations.
  • Women’s Health Issues and CBD – from menstruation and menopause to maternity.
  • Common veterinary use applications and dosing guidelines for CBD in animals for issues like pain, anxiety, appetite, and spinal cord injuries.

The material presented here can at times sound too good to be true, however at the same time let’s keep in mind that, there are nearly 500 works cited and a complete glossary of terms inside the 250 pages. The Alphabetized List of Health Issues (and treatments) is worth more than the price of admission alone, delivering what is essentially a Master Class in medical cannabis treatments for common aliments that is sure to be useful for beginners and experts alike. I recommend reading through it twice.

Indeed, amongst the science and useful recommendations there is infused a slight aroma of evangelistic fervor in the book. I personally responded to this aroma after the first time reading through, whilst initially wishing the authors hadn’t put it quite like that. However after some reflection I realized I often respond to things that don’t sound “scientific” in the university-grad-student sense in a negative way, because that is how I was educated. When I contrast this thought to the reality that the “scientific community” that educated me has been lying to us for decades about Cannabis, it helped me appreciate the authors “wake-the-fuck-up-listen-to-us” passionate style. After all, the science has already been done, but no one hears about it! CBD is an easy to way to spread the message. I think this is what the authors intended.

From this reviewer’s biased perspective, it’s hard not to see how 99% of all doctors and patients could benefit from the medical information organized in this book. Not to mention their pets! Practical and approachable, CBD A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis will likely remain a definitive resource for years to come.

Authors: Leonard Leinow & Juliana Birnbaum
Book Review By: Doc Bud
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
For More Information: CBD A Patient’s Guide To Medicinal Cannabis