GeoFlora Nutrients Review

GeoFlora Nutrients

I started my journey in the synthetic nutrient world, then went through my hydro of various forms phase, but I always had as my goal to grow organically. I knew that I didn’t understand how it all worked, and for the longest time, I was afraid to give up feeding my plants from a bottle.

I started my early organic experiments by building Subcool’s supersoil combined with using a grow method called TLO, True Living Organics, a method described by The Rev. Although I had been studying hard trying to learn about microbes, his book put it all together for me into a method that I could understand. His TLO method relied on a good mineralized supersoil, just like the one I had built.

That turned out to be a huge project, including almost losing my first crop, and, through trial and error, I learned that to do it correctly took at least 3 months and a couple of hundred dollars just to put the soil together. Then, powered by microbes that this gardener had to brew herself, using some of the same inputs used to make the soil, I made actively aerated compost teas at least once a week to keep the grow going. This was very hard work, and it worked well in the end, but gardening in this organic way was very time consuming, smelly and downright messy, and I asked the question: Was it worth all this just to go organic?

I have many friends in the disabled and senior community who grow. I have always had as one of my goals to find the physically easiest way to get consistently great organic results, with also an eye on price, but mainly on ease of use, for example, from a wheelchair. This was the only problem with making your own supersoil – it was physically out of reach for many of the people whom I advise.

Slowly, things got better in the organic world. Ready-to-go supersoils started showing up in the commercial soil world, and this availability created a need to change the cannabis organic growing world to become much more accessible to the novice gardener. The growing world kept evolving and things kept becoming easier for those who wish to be organic growers. Suddenly someone realized that it was possible to freeze-dry microbes without killing them!

I learned that there were microbial inoculations you could buy that could take the place of brewing teas, using microbes in a cheap and easy fashion to ship, freeze-dried in suspended animation form. We have had some liquid based products of this kind already available for years, but they were prohibitively expensive. This was a total game changer!

I ran several grows to prove to myself that store-bought, freeze-dried microbes worked even better than brewing my own messy teas. It was certainly easier to use and eliminated the need for a very messy place in my house where I brewed them. I believed at the time that I had found the easiest way to have a successful organic garden. The problem however turned out to be the soil, because after a time we realized that the lighter, commercial versions of the supersoils just didn’t have the mineral strength that a strong home-made supersoil had, and I had frustrations with deficiencies at various points in the grow. I still was not ready to advise many of my people to go organic.

Then, as more organic products started to show up, I ran into GeoFlora Nutrients and the claim that their product “Made Organics Easy”. Who doesn’t like easy – and what I learned, blew my mind! I wouldn’t even need a supersoil to use with this organic grow system, because they said that their product was so good that their organic system even worked in Coco!

GeoFlora Nutrients Review
Emilya loves GeoFlora! Photo: Emilya

In a once every two week topdressing, GeoFlora Nutrients would supply all the raw nutrients needed along with fresh microbes to support a true organic feeding cycle! On top of that, enough microbes were going to be released with each new watering that the gardener didn’t even have to worry about the chlorine in the tap water possibly killing the microbes. My head almost exploded when I realized that someone had figured this out!

I had a lot of old used soil laying around, so I used it as a test. The documentation stated that GeoFlora Nutrients will add all of the raw nutrients needed for a grow, in a simple, once every 14 day topdressing, with one product for Veg and another for Bloom. A special soil is no longer needed to grow organically and even a cheap hardware store potting soil would work fine.

Feeding the plants Photo: Emilya
Feeding the plants Photo: Emilya

Watering in the granules introduces a new batch of food and the specific microbes that are needed to process those nutrients. Most remarkably, this product continues to add new microbes and more raw nutrient each time the plant gets watered, for the entire 2 week lifespan of the topdressing. This is a remarkable achievement in organic gardening!

My tests went well and my depleted 6 year old soil worked fine in the early experiments. I moved back to newer soil after my initial tests and I have now had several years of very successful grows using GeoFlora Nutrients. I have found that by using this system, organic gardening has indeed become easy and reproducible and I am consistently getting great results. The product is inexpensive and easy to apply. There is never a need to flush away salts, no need to monitor or adjust pH and watering can be done with tap water.

We have found that it is so easy to have a quality grow with GeoFlora, and that with extra attention to lighting and airflow, it is possible for even the average gardener to grow extremely strong plants.

In my opinion, there is nothing quite as good as organic gardening, whether you consider either the quality or the quantity of the harvest. GeoFlora Nutrients have made organic growing so easy, that there is no longer any excuse not to try this method for yourself.

You deserve the best product that can be grown in your gardens, with each plant able to fully express its unique genetic potential. Organic growing is the best way to get consistently amazing results from your genetics. Organic growing lets the plant make all of the decisions as to what it needs and gets the gardener out of its way so that the microbes can make all the magic happen. Simply water when she needs it and the organic feeding cycle does the rest.

Organic growing does not get easier than by using GeoFlora Nutrients!

420 Magazine Product Review by: Emilya Green
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