DabPress RP35 3×5 Anodized Rosin Plate Kit Review


DabPress sent over one of their “DP-RP35 3×5 Anodized Rosin Plate Kits” for review. These plates are put on a shop press of your choosing and pair well with 6-20 Ton A-frame or H-frame Hydraulic Shop Presses. I went with the 6 Ton A-frame to save on space.

The kit came in bomb-proof packaging and everything inside was high quality. The anodized plates are food grade to ensure the best flavor and are easy to clean. The screws in the top plate are heavy duty and do a great job of keeping the plate secure. I use a silicone mat under the bottom plate to keep everything aligned perfectly.

Being able to produce dabs on demand is incredible and so easy. I press at 190F and get the most flavorful dabs I’ve ever had. The H-frame presses are preferable since you get a little more space between the plates, but if you are limited on space, the size of the A-frame can’t be beat. I picked up my press locally and assembled it in about 30 minutes -15 minutes later and I was all set to take a dab.

If you like taking dabs, these plates will save you money. Going solventless is the safest way to make concentrate but making bubble hash or sift takes time and is a lot of work. No need to purge your oil: squishing buds into rosin is quick, effective, tasty and impurity free.

Sometimes I squeeze a nug at a time for quick dabs but I love seeing rosin ooze out when filling a nylon bag with a few grams. I fill the bag up like a soda can and get a pretty high return from using that method. You end up with a round puck like a crushed can that you are able save and wash with alcohol, olive oil, butter, and so on.

DabPress is the place to go for your rosin squishing needs. Everything from caged and non-caged plate kits to pneumatic rosin presses and accessories. Want a setup for personal use or something fit for a commercial operation? DabPress is sure to have what you need in the size you want. Get your kit at DabPress.

420 Magazine Product Review by: Rich Farmer
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