420 Watch Review


From the Cadence website: If you think 4:20 is the most important time of day, this watch is for you. If you have no idea why 4:20 is a special time of day, then this is just a great looking watch.”  When I first became aware of the 4:20 watches by Cadence, I was initially blown away by how attractive and stylish looking they were. When asked, I jumped at the opportunity to test drive and review the “4:20 Classic” model, as I’d recently lost my favorite everyday watch and had gotten sick of referring to my smart-phone for the time.

Make no mistake, this is a good looking watch, and does not scream out “I enjoy cannabis!”. There is no 7-pointed leaf, Jamaican flag or picture of Bob Marley. Instead, the fine folks at Cadence went for a more refined approach that many will appreciate. The face of the watch has a classic, clean look – with the only numbers being at the 4:20 mark of the watch face. It’s subtle enough to wear in public without blatantly calling attention to one’s preference for a certain time of day, yet it serves as an adequate reminder of such as needed. I appreciate the subtlety, because as much as I am proud of my 420 proclivities, I also want to be able to wear the watch around without calling undue attention to myself. The “4:20 Classic” watch fits the bill perfectly.

Okay, that’s all well and good, but how is it as a watch? First, the leather strap is classy looking and is comfortable to wear. I found it easy to adjust to my wrist and in-line with the simple styling of the watch itself. The watch feels sturdy and well-constructed, and has an attractive brushed stainless steel body. As far as durability, it features a generous 5 year limited warranty, and is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres. So far, it’s kept the time accurately and has not needed adjustment or resetting. In fact, it’s stayed spot on with my smart-phone since I set it more than a month earlier.

This isn’t a cheapo watch at $145 – but it won’t break the bank for most folks either. What you get is a nice quality watch at an appropriate price-point. Simply put, this is a very nice watch!

It should be noted that Cadence has several other 4:20 related watches, too, for those who prefer a slightly different look. Some are so subtle that the only 4:20 indicator is a green hash mark at the 4:20 spot of the watch face. In general, pricing for their 4:20 watch line-up ranges from about $80 for the “4:20 Middies” to $495 for the “Ganjapreneur”.

Also, for those wanting a larger reminder of their favorite time of day, Cadence has a 4:20 wall clock ($175) we love too, similar in styling to the 4:20 Classic watch. Naturally, we have this clock proudly displayed in the 420 Magazine offices!