HVY Glass 9mm 4 Arm Straight Tube From AquaLab Technologies Review


HVY Glass 9mm 4 Arm Straight Tube From AquaLab Technologies

HVY Glass. The name says it all. An incredibly thick line of glassware provided to us here at 420 Magazine for review, and a pure privilege to try. I’ll start with first impressions.

Packaging was 100% perfect. I almost had to struggle to get everything open. It would have taken a truck tire to damage the contents, so getting your glass in one piece is almost guaranteed. Upon removing the glass from packaging, I simply couldn’t imagine there exists a higher quality of craftsmanship available on the market. The weight and feel gave me the feeling of holding something precious, like fine crystal.

While I’ve always been particular to “beaker” style glass, due to its ability to dissipate heat and improve taste, this straight tube was designed with such even diffusion that the most stubborn of smokers will appreciate the clean, smooth draw she allows. I’ll never again imbibe using a tube without a perc, with four arms or more and diffused down-stem, simply bout of preference. But I’ve hit similar glass with more features and been far less enthusiastic about taking a second. This thing rips!

Aside from the 6 slit diffused down stem and 4 arm perc to smooth the hit, the two chambers are separated perfectly to prevent gunk from travelling. I love this feature. To top it off is a splash guard for those like me who prefer to clear the tube quickly. With the precision ice pinches, an already smooth draw can be cooled to enhance comfort. Last but not least is the 5.5” extra thick base for added stability and peace of mind.

I find that most water pipes will always exhibit a slight learning curve, and require some practice and finesse to get it to hit the way we like. You’ll have none of that with this piece, as so much time in the design room has been spent to create a perfect smoking experience. Take note that this 15″ tube will hit you back if you milk it too long, so make sure to hit it lightly until you get the feel for it. One can easily take too big a hit because it is so smooth!

Something else I appreciate about HVY Glass is that their logo is sandblasted beautifully, as well as stamped permanently into the glass. Please only pay for legit HVY gear that bears the stamp!

I’m recommending this piece to everyone who enjoys a straight tube! A huge thanks to AquaLab Technologies for providing this masterpiece!

4 Arm Straight Tube Features:

  • Perc: 4 arm tree perc
  • Splash guard
  • 3 ice pinches
  • Slide joint: 14mm female
  • Slide: 14 mm male funnel slide
  • Dowsntem: 14/18mm low profile diffused downstem
  • Downstem length from top of ground joint to end: 4.25 inches
  • Height: 15.00 inches
  • Straight base diameter: 5.00 inches
  • Glass thickness: 9mm
  • Logo: sandblasted HVY Glass label
  • Label: HVY fire brand
  • Made in California


Review By: Aaron Quix
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