Kannastor 2.2″ Grinder Review


Thank you to the fine folks at Smokazon for providing this sweet little appliance for review.

A perfect addition to any smoking and vaping collection, and an absolute necessity in my humble opinion, Kannastor Brand grinders offer a variety of sizes to suit a multitude of needs, with sizes from 1.25″ to 3″. I decided to give the 2.2″, 4 piece grinder with sifter a run and am pleased with its performance.

Depending on your preference, the Kannastor grinders offer the option to collect whole grounds, with or without sift, using the included screen attachment. When in use, the sifter will separate a portion of the trichomes from the flower, and provide storage independently of the herb. These collected trichomes, equivalent to dry ice hash, can be used later as a topper on bowls, added to joints or even used as dabs for an extra dose or for fun. Assuming your herb is dried enough for grinding, the Canister Grinder will produce the perfect consistency and texture for rolling, packing or vaping. Just be cautious of attempting to grind sticky fresh flowers that are still curing or contain humidity of 60% or higher, as they will gum up the works.

High quality machined aluminum is always a pleasure, but this line of grinders also boast a feature that seals the deal for me. The air-tight and strong magnetic top. Period. I love this feature. Less time threading and unthreading the top saves time, and effort. Although it may not be practical to carry the full 4 piece unit in my pocket, I can appreciate the fact that I can load, grind and easily carry two grams of fine, untouched flower ready for use. I found that around a half gram was the max capacity for the top grinding section, but I can load and grind multiple times until the chamber is 3/4 full and be on my way. If one were so inclined, I suppose you could even pack double that amount into the chamber, but I would advise against this as it will render the sifting screen useless.

Another thing to consider is washing. Be sure to maintain your grinder as you would any cannabis tool, using food grade solvents like grain alcohol to clean resins from the aluminum and screen. The screen is removable for easier cleaning, and the aluminum makes washing a breeze.

For those who either enjoy or require vaporization of their medicine, or for those who just prefer a clean preparation this little grinder will make your day. With a one year limited warranty and a quality product in hand, I’m recommending everyone consider Kannastor Brand for gift shopping and personal purchase, found at Smokazon.com

420 Magazine Product Review By Aaron Quix
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