Mars Pro II Epistar LED Grow Light Review


Mars-Hydro has a reputation for producing quality lights at an affordable price point. The Mars Pro II Epistar 320 LED grow light is one of their latest designs. Rather than give you all the detailed specifications, (follow the link above for these), I am going to give you my impressions of the light compared to what I have been using.

It was time to upgrade my Mars II 900. It had served me well for several years, but I felt it was time for an upgrade. I placed my order on their website Within 24 hours of placing my order I had confirmation with a tracking number. Not only did I receive an email from them, but Sara, (our Mars-Hydro rep on 420 Magazine), even followed up to make sure I got the tracking number. Their customer service with me was excellent.

The package arrived exactly on schedule. It was well packed in a plain brown box. Upon opening the box, you can see how well it is constructed. It included two heavy duty hangers as well as U clips for connecting multiple lights together.

It was placed in my 10sq.ft. tent. Weighing in at 35lbs she is a bit of a beast. One person with ratchet hangers can put it up with care, but two people would be better. I hung it directly on the center bar of the tent without ratchets. I have it at 20″ above the canopy. This is the same height I had my 900. The two lights are very different. The individual LEDs on the 900 are replaced with lenses that blend the different spectrums of light and then focus it down on the plants. It gives a more even coverage across the tent.

My Mars lights have always produced very bushy plants, to the point that they start yellowing inside due to lack of light. After only a few days using the Mars Pro II, I can see the inner leaves of my plants improving and getting greener. The light is obviously penetrating better than the old style light without the lenses. I am hoping to see an increase in flowering.

There are just a couple of minor things to be aware of. The first is that you will need good air circulation. This light does get a little warm. My digital thermometer has it right around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. With a proper extraction fan, my temps are holding steady at 78-80. Second, unlike my 900, there is no secondary plug on the light. This is probably due to the fact that it draws 740W and they don’t want people overloading their circuits, but I did find it convenient to plug my fan into. Since I have a 550cfm fan split between two tents, heat is not an issue. The minor inconvenience of having to find somewhere else to plug my fan in is nothing compared to the enhanced light my plants are getting.

Overall, I give this light a solid A so far. Having a perpetual garden, I will be able to see any increases in my yields fairly quickly. I will keep you posted. Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer.

420 Magazine Review By: Dave Groomer, Product Reviewer
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