The Medical Cannabis Guidebook Review


The Medical Cannabis Guidebook: The Definitive Guide to Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana
by Jeff Ditchfield and Mel Thomas

With so many of my peers needing medical cannabis and at the same time being quite unfamiliar with it, a book like this becomes a valuable resource to bridge the gap. It seems like every month yet another person I know has an auto-immune disease, or cancer, or battles opiate addiction. What a godsend it was to not only to recently read a copy of The Medical Cannabis Guidebook, but also to give it to someone in need.

This book is as comprehensive as any I’ve seen on the subject. Authors Jeff Ditchfield and Mel Thomas have arranged the material in a logical manner, beginning first with the historical description of ancient use of cannabis, up to the modern era of prohibition and the propaganda and lies that make up the official government position on what is clearly an amazingly useful and healthy plant.

The next section begins with a comprehensive list of diseases and conditions, along with case studies on how cannabis based treatment was effective in alleviating pain, decreasing inflammation, and yes curing cancers. Cannabis really is a potent anti-tumor therapy. Along with the description of the diseases and treatment, quite a bit of specific information about how the patients administered and dosed cannabis is shared, which is quite useful, especially for a cannabis novice, whose only contact with cannabis may be exploring medical use for their recent diagnosis. These people are overwhelmed in many ways, and while being told “get some cannabis oil, it cures cancer” might be truthful, some may not have the slightest clue what cannabis oil is, let alone how to obtain it and use it correctly.

The Medical Cannabis Guidebook solves that problem by giving detailed and 100% workable methods for anyone to create their own, highgrade and pure oils, tinctures, butters, balms, capsules and suppositories. All currently known and utilized methods of processing medicinal marijuana into concentrates and all types of oils are described in step-by-step detail in this book.

In addition to the above, the authors give a thorough explanation of all the various means of administering medical cannabis; smoking/vaping, edibles, tinctures, even suppositories. This information, especially with regard to the oils, tinctures and edibles, is invaluable for any patient or caregiver who desires to use the full armamentarium of medical benefit that cannabis offers. From cannabutter to high CBD to butane hash oil, it’s all covered and explained in a straightforward and useful manner.

To top it all off, there is a very succinct section on growing included. Being myself a rather enthusiastic cannabis cultivator, I can vouch for the methods the authors share and will say that if followed with reasonable care, these methods will produce healthy and potent cannabis. A person with a bit of gardening space, following the advice of the authors, could produce high grade medical cannabis in all of its forms.

The Medical Cannabis Guidebook is written in such a manner that a person could begin reading and following the cultivation section and while the plants are growing study the sections on creating oils and tinctures. From this, it would be an easy thing to formulate a plan to go from cannabis novice to growing, harvesting and processing a 3 month dose of pure, concentrated cannabis oil, which is the standard amount for cancer treatment. This exact process is described in the book as the 12 Week Medical Grow. This is a godsend for people who are surprised by a diagnosis and want to begin treatment ASAP.

I’ve read many books on cannabis, but rarely do I read one as comprehensive, accurate and relevant on the topic of medical cannabis as this book. I shall order copies to hand out to people I meet who need this knowledge. This is an excellent book.

Authors:Jeff Ditchfield and Mel Thomas
Book Review by: Doc Bud
Publisher: Green Candy Press
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