XMax V3 Pro Vape By TopGreen

XMax V3 Pro Vaporizer
Photo: Papa OG

Welcoming the XMax V3 PRO. The portable On-Demand convection vaporizer. The XMax V3 Pro is ready for all your favorite herb and concentrates. The packaging of XMax V3 Pro is the same quality as you would expect from all TopGreen products. I knew instantly upon opening the box that the slim pen style body would make a great on the go vape. As I removed it from its package you could feel the exceptional quality.

Out of the box, you get all of the essentials that you need to use this vape right away.

  • USB-C charging cable
  • Wax Cup – for vaporizing concentrate
  • 18650 3.7v battery
  • Loading Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 2 Mesh Screens
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Swabs for cleaning chamber
  • Manual

My first impression is that the vaporizer has a superior feel to it. The aluminum body feels heavy duty, high quality, and well designed. The large OLED screen is impressive and easy to read and operate. The mouth piece and the battery door compartment both have a magnetic connection for ease of use.

Xmax v3 Pro Vaporizer

I noticed many aspects of this vape that I thoroughly enjoy. It is a great size that fits perfectly in your hand and has a sleek design. The manual is the perfect in-depth read while you fully charge the unit before using for the first time. As a result, I found a lot of beneficial information.

This fully convection vaporizer heats rapidly with it taking only 10 seconds to reach 356°F its factory setting. This vape has a wide range of temperature options. Allowing you to find your perfect setting, ranging from 212°F – 428°F (100°C -220°C). One of the most important features is the adjustable temperature allowing for the proper heating of both dry herb as well as concentrates. The large, easy to read OLED screen displays all your useful information:

  • Battery Level
  • Mode – (4 – 6 Min) Session Option, or On Demand
  • Temperature Setting (F° or C°)
  • Coffee Cup Icon – flashes while heating, solid when ready
  • Real Time Temperature Reading

Additionally the options can easily be changed using the power button and 2 additional control buttons. Switching between 4 and 6 min Sessions by pressing the power button, and up button (2 seconds). Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius by pressing the power button, and down button (2 seconds). Switching between Session, and On Demand mode is easy by touching the up and down button at the same time.

There is a removable battery that can be replaced if and when needed. Surprisingly the 18650 3.7v battery is readily available and an affordable battery option. Nevertheless having an extra on hand isn’t a bad idea. The battery has a capacity of about 2550mAh. It also comes with a USB-C charger. It takes a little more than 2 hours to fully charge. Also this device has passthrough charging, which allows you to use it while it’s plugged in. I noticed the battery lasted quite a long time, even with heavy, extended use.

The convection heating technology of the XMAX V3 PRO has 2 working modes to compliment your vaping experience.

Session mode and On-Demand mode.

I used the XMax V3 Pro in both modes to test the quality and functionality of this vaporizer. Focusing on the flavor profiles of the flower and concentrates.

While using the vape in session mode it will automatically heat and maintain your chosen temperature. Its timer is set to 4 minutes or 6 minutes. This seems like the perfect mode to have a relaxing experience. Whether its one user or your sharing with a group. To use the Select On-Demand mode, you will hold the power button to heat the unit up in this mode. I noticed that in this mode the device will only heat when the user wants it to heat up. Meaning there is less waste of the dry herb. Which is helpful for low tolerance users or those looking to just take a draw or two. While saving the rest of your material for later. Perfect for any occasion, a puff or two, or on the go.

The magnetic mouthpiece is easy to remove and contains a stainless steel and ceramic vapor path that helps cool the vapor. Allowing you to fill the chamber with dry herb or inserting the concentrate cup and adding your favorite concentrate. Also I recommend starting at a lower temp. to find your sweet spot. At 350°F I experienced lots of flavor in a steady session. I then tested 365°F, 380°F and experienced larger and more fulfilling hits. Furthermore the unit stayed cool and hit temps pretty quickly. So out of all of the temperatures, I tested, I prefer 365°F for dry herbs. The 4 min. session was perfect for 2 people to pass the vape and receive a nice, smooth high. Also using long, slower and consistent draws brought the best flavor and profile.

I tested the vape using concentrate at 428°F and was pleasantly surprised at the amazing full flavor and smooth high I received. I did use the highest temp. and preheated the unit to get the best experience from my concentrate.

Cleaning the unit was a flawless and very easy experience which makes this the perfect unit for on the go. The less the mess and clean up the better. The XMAX V3 PRO continued to impress me with each step. The herb easily emptied out of the chamber. Additionally, the magnetic top has a cleaning tool attached so there’s no need to bring any cleaning supplies with you when using it out of the house. The concentrate chamber was clean after use but alcohol wipes and swabs are included with the unit for ease of cleaning when needed.

Xmax v3 Pro Vaporizer

I also enjoyed the versatility with the optional accessory, XMax V3 Pro Glass Water Pipe Adapter. This piece allows connection to you glass bubbler, or water bong through a 14mm male adapter. I noticed while using this piece, it allowed smooth, huge hits. That pack a punch! Another great feature of this glass adapter. It could serve as a mouth piece also providing a clean smooth surface, and also cools the vapor down.

In conclusion, I love the compatibility of this vaporizer with dry herbs and concentrates. Along with high quality and the ease of use, this makes this vaporizers one of my absolute favorites. I really enjoy the option to flip between session and on-demand modes. The aluminum body, stainless steel coil, chamber, and mouthpiece with magnetic connection all work flawlessly. Making this an ideal portable vaporizer for anyone. The ceramic cooling element in the airway rewards users with clean and cool vapor that is gentle on the throat.

The XMax V3 Pro is the ultimate vaporizer.

420 Magazine Product Review By: Papa OG

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