420 Product Review: True Living Organics


True Living Organics by The Rev is an excellent book for the cannabis farmer. I found this book not only to be an easy read, but also a great guide, touching on a little bit of everything from buying seeds to making and smoking hash. I learned a lot reading this book and liked how he puts his steps to success in organic gardening. I also enjoyed how he explains why he takes those steps. Rev also places hints, tips, and tricks on almost every page with valuable info for growers.

I would not consider this a how to grow guide, though the book does go into a lot of topics like why temperature and humidity are so important for plants. This book is here to take your garden to the next level, so you can grow the best possible medicine.

Rev offers a few different soil recipes including a simple one to get your feet wet in “TLO” as he calls it. This soil recipe is also a great recipe if you are limited on space, such as living in an apartment. This book teaches you how to grow Grade A cannabis with a lower cost to bottled nutrients and also shows you how it can be done in any size space.

I love how creative Rev is: he uses normal everyday products and repurposes them for use in the garden. My favorite one is how he takes nylon fabric, a metal shaker, and some dry ice, (which is easy to get), to make hash. His instructions are very clear and concise even getting into what gloves you need so that the dry ice does not hurt you.

The bottom line is that Rev has developed a process to grow connoisseur quality cannabis and spells it out for you step by step in this book. It’s a book that I will be going back through very soon. One thing is for sure, I can’t wait to make some hash with my high grade organic cannabis.

Author: The Rev
420 Magazine Book Review By: Rich Farmer
Publisher: Green Candy Press, San Francisco CA
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