420 Product Review: Vapir Rise Vaporizer


As I grow older, I find myself in search of products from time to time, that will help to improve my overall health, and the Vapir Rise vaporizer was a blessing to review for that reason. A hepa filter to purify air intake, for starters, and a stainless steel construction add to the “sterile” feel of this machine. There’s something to be said about quality in a product and what that represents. In my eyes, it represents not only a manufacturer’s desire to sell product, but their desire to please the consumer and pride in their work as well. The Vapir Rise screams quality.

Combustion and inhalation of any substance will indeed coat the lungs and esophagus with tar, making any physical activity more laborious, and, vaporization of your favorite herb is absolutely one solution for a healthier, cleaner airway. Imagine also the relief a patient might feel knowing that it’s still possible to use inhalation as their preferred method of consumption, even though they’ve been told by their doctor to stop smoking. The trick is to find a product that not only looks like it’ll meet your needs, but actually lives up to its claims and meets your expectations. This unit has exceeded my expectations.

Aside from the characteristics the Vapir Rise shares with other vaporizers, (a healthier alternative to smoking), there are many qualities built into this unit that you won’t find in other vaporizers. The user interface is without a doubt as self-explanatory as they come, while featuring quite a number of fan speed/temperature combinations to customize your vaporization experience. The ability to vaporize using either the whip method or balloon method using one unit sets the Vapir Rise apart from many machines in its class. An adapter for multiuser vaporization (up to four whips) takes you yet another level up from other vaporizers. Throw in an oil chamber for aroma therapy, a hot chamber grabber, replacement mouthpiece and high quality replacement screens, three balloons and balloon clamp and well….Let’s just say that for the price tag, you get a heck of a lot of product. Even the balloon adapter comes with a high quality ball valve for hassle free vapor storage.

Getting started is a cinch, once you figure out what goes where with all the parts. Initial heating time can be achieved in 30 seconds (I’ve actually achieved a full vapor draw in under 30 seconds from power on to power off with this unit). Some people may prefer the whip to the balloons, and vice versa, so once your Vapir Rise unit is assembled in the configuration you prefer vaporization becomes quick and easy. As a side note, while writing this I decided to fill a balloon between sentences. After the first draw, I got…distracted. I came back to writing this review for around a half hour, and realized there was still a nearly full balloon in the bedroom. When I returned, there was still an inflated balloon which provided me with another nice draw.

With a plethora of vaporization devices on the market, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype, fall for marketing gimmicks or flat out get confused while looking for a product that suits YOU. I’m pleased to have found a unit that allows me the freedom to decide which way I’ll vaporize today, utilizing only one unit. Furthermore, I’m glad I’ve found a product that is built with obvious quality, without a ridiculous price tag.

What I like about the Vapir Rise:

Everything aforementioned, plus a one year manufacturer warranty.

What I don’t like about the Vapir Rise:

Upon first look, the number of unfamiliar parts can seem a bit overwhelming. Nothing a little time spent learning won’t cure, but it would be nice if the folks at Vapir inc. were able to somehow incorporate most or all of the functions into a less time consuming configuration. In other words, I’d like to spend less time unpacking and assembling parts than enjoying my product the first day, and less time in general switching from whip to balloon etc. These things are trivial, however, I simply have a duty to disclose if there are shortcomings of any sort.

Would I recommend this product to family and friends?

You bet your balloons I would. I’ve told more people about this vaporizer than I’ve told people about a lot of things. The Vapir Rise is on my top 5 list of quality products that I’ve enjoyed lately.

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Reviewed by 420 Magazine Staff Writer – Quixilvir

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Vapir – Manufacturer Website


  1. I have been using this vape for a few months now and I really love it.
    I was disappointed that I couldn’t find reviews about the oil chamber.
    I wanted to share my experience:
    -It works well but it will take time before the oil reaches the displayed temperature. I would say between 20 to 30 minutes of heating before you start to see visible vapor.
    -It may start to taste at 10-15 minutes.
    -E-Juice works too if you want to flavour the hash.

    So I hope this helps as nowhere mention anything. about the oil chamber.
    If you use the oil chamber, prepare your self a bag or two before.