Cilicon Debuts The Completely Redesigned Reoregin

Reoregin Cilicon

Cilicon debuts the completely redesigned Reoregin™: an absolute paragon of ceramic heating technology for cannabis vaporizers that leads to unbeatable performance.

Cilicon, the world-leading innovative technology cannabis vaporizer company, has announced its latest ceramic heating technology Reoregin™. With a substantial technological leap designed to disinter all possible levels of terpenes’ flavor and aroma, Reoregin™’s heating component is equipped with an enlarged heating source that enables a lower vaporizing temperature setting and an even heat distribution system to restore the original terpene flavor, while offering a stunning fluent vaping experience. The amazing Reoregin™ also features greater ceramic porosity and a broad cuboid mesh heating coil to make an more instant yet balanced vaporizing performance. The Reoregin™ design maximizes the actual heating area in the heating element while reducing air blockage to deliver a natural, fast, and explosive vaping experience. 

“Our team has great passion and confidence in innovating cannabis vaporizers and the flagship technology. We’re excited to unveil the Reoregin™. It is one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs among all innovations we have done so far because it’s designed to retrieve the natural terpene flavor for all kinds of cannabis oil.” said Lee Pan, Cilicon’s senior product manager.

“I believe no one wants to wait before vaping nor tasting the faded flavor of cannabis vapor. To overcome the plight, we devised a new heating element structure that enables a lower heating temperature by as much as 30% compared to other ceramic heating technologies. The initiative is realized with a brand-new matched mesh heating coil and has been tested numerous times with live resin and rosin. Our latest innovation fundamentally helps to recover every terpene element in the cannabis oil and provide an intensive and elevated mouthfeel.”

Full Vaporization Design: Highlighting Your Precious Cannabis Oil
Reoregin™ introduces a groundbreaking even heat distribution system for the vaping industry. The newly invented mesh heating coil has been enlarged and fully covered on the two sides of the hollow cuboid in ceramic. The revolutionary heating coil is designed to significantly boost the efficiency of heat utilization by making every part of ceramic thoroughly heated – allowing the temperature of the outmost surface to equal the internal surface, avoiding ceramic embrittlement by partially repeated high heat, and promoting faster cannabis oil evaporation in an even heated ceramic. 

Low-Temperature Vaporization: The Ultimate Natural Flavor
Low-temperature vaporization can be enabled by the extraordinary heating system design in the ceramic heating core, which pushes the boundaries of what’s possible for a ceramic heating system to date. The enhancement of the overall safety and performance while allowing faster heating and retaining more terpene molecules has helped us to have a safe, instant, and more consistent vaping experience. The enlarged mesh heating coil on the surface of the hollow cuboid allows a lower temperature to heat the ceramic as a whole. It decreased heating temperature by 30%, thus requiring less heating time, making it safer with no exploding possibility, and achieving next-level vaping performance with more retained terpene molecules. Reoregin™ now has optimized the instant vaping and natural cannabis flavor at an unprecedented level while simultaneously extending the device lifespan.

With Cilicon’s ongoing mission of leading innovation in the cannabis industry, Reoregin™ represents an eye-opening possibility in flavor restoration. Based on the brand-new sophisticated design and incredible vaping mouthfeel, Reoregin™ could pair with all kinds of cannabis oil, helping enhance the vaping quality and accentuating your cannabis oil quality at all times.

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