Delicious Seeds’ Top 5 Strains

Delicious Seeds top 5 strains

We introduce you to Delicious Seeds’ Top 5 strains and explain the characteristics of each of them to better understand their success. Just in case you find any of them convincing, this month (August) all Delicious genetics have 50% off.

The top 5 strains most ordered, the top 5 strains most wanted. We will explain their fame by describing them in depth. Shall we start?

Sugar Black Rose

Sugar Black Rose

The 50% spicy 50% sweet combo of the first hit of the Sugar Black Rose was able to popularize worldwide both the genetics and this seed bank as a whole.

It is 80% Indica and as for its appearance, it stands out for the huge development of its secondary branches. The fact that a compact plant like this one is able to get a yield like this is another of the keys that we believe explains the success of a genetic that has already gone down in history.

It is narcotic from the first moment and insultingly easy to grow. Maybe we have talked about many things … but with the queen we must make an exception.

Eleven Roses

Eleven Roses

“It’s loved because it tastes different”. This is the conclusion of what is already known as the successor of the Sugar Black Rose. If I had to give it a tag, it would be earthy flavor, but not exactly. There is mango, there is passion fruit, there is also a metallic touch.

We have analysed several specimens with a THC percentage higher than 24% and during the last few months the glasses in the Rosin extraction category have been arriving all the time. By now you probably already know this, but just in case… It comes from the Sugar Black Rose.

It was clear that we had to extend the story – and upon seeing a male of Appalachian Kush that we still remember today, we did not hesitate. And so to this day. It seems that many years have passed since this moment, but not even 5 have gone by. There is no doubt, the future of Delicious Seeds goes through the Eleven Roses.



The gourmet strain of Delicious Seeds. If we talk about Golosa we have to keep talking about flavor. Thyme, green tea, mint, and to a lesser extent grapefruit, coffee, licorice and mango. All the people who have tried this strain have repeated the same word: “Pleasant”. As in the previous cases, this is not a plant characterized by its large size. By now you will have already noticed, but we are looking for strains that, first of all, stand out for their quality, then comes everything else.

In this case, the percentage of THC goes up to 26%. And finally, a curiosity. It was the head breeder of Delicious Seeds who was responsible for developing this genetics personally. The truth is that the bet did not go wrong.

Cotton Candy Kush

Cotton Candy Kush

Just when we said that size doesn’t matter, well, the Cotton Candy Kush is another thing. A natural producer of resin and very big buds “foxtail” style. Unlike the previous strains, this one is mostly sativa.

In addition, it has been the genetic that has given us the least problems to name it. When we tried it, its sweetness reminded us of candy and its softness of cotton candy. Very mental, very euphoric. And here’s a trick to recognize it: its metallic lavender color in the final phase of flowering.

Bay Burger

Bat Burger

This one is only a few months old, but seeing what it has achieved in just this time, it had to make the list of Delicious Seeds’ top 5 strains. We assure you that this is not the typical move of including it in the ranking just because it is a new arrival.

Clearly, Pine-Lemon-Kush that starts with a characteristic earthy flavor. It is also indica, and seeing how it has entered the cannabis scene, it reminds us more and more of the evolution that Eleven Roses had a few years ago.

What surprised us most when we tried it was its rapid vegetative growth. Where does it come from? American to the extreme: It is the result of a cross between Bay 11, (which has already given us several joys), and Donny Burger. We assure you that in the future you will find it in more than one ranking like this one.