Girl Scout Cookies: Powerful, Surprising & Sweet

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Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is a legendary cannabis strain, developed in California and features a strong association with the American cookies for which it is named. Apart from its chocolate-mint flavour, you might remember the internet going wild several years ago after an actual girl scout successfully sold 40 boxes of cookies by strategically standing outside a medical marijuana store in San Francisco. It’s very likely customers of the store (and the cookies) were well aware that GSC had won the prestigious Cannabis Cup several times. Anyway, it’s clear that GSC is a strain that is worthy of further exploration.

How to grow Girl Scout Cookies
All mother plants of this strain are known to be robust, easy to care for and productive with a high THC content.

Girl Scout Cookies is an easy-to-grow strain. Great for beginners, and an ideal choice for experienced growers who can bring it to its full, and impressive, potential. GSC cannabis seeds grow out into uniform plants that flower for nine to ten weeks. The strain acquires a good size during flowering, which improves its yield, without making it uncontrollable.

GSC plants can be grown outdoors and in greenhouses. When grown outdoors the strain can easily reach heights between 200 and 250 cm. Cuttings that are grown indoors reach a final height of 100 cm. In case the original plants bloom at the same height, the plants will likely achieve about 125 cm in height at harvest.

Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds grow into plants with healthy and productive branches that tend to grow upward, rather than outward, allowing indoor plants to be grown relatively close to each other.

GSC’s flowering patterns show influences from its Indica and Sativa heritage. The calyxes multiply rapidly and grow in size to form intertwined rows, creating pointed floral clusters. These continue to develop throughout the second half of flowering, along the stem and branches to fill in the spaces between the internodes; forming long sticky colas with a magnificent bulbous appearance.

Thanks to its Afghan genetics, Girl Scout Cookies frequently develop purple hues by the end of flowering and have dark purple leaves with lavender reflections at the base of the calyxes. At harvest time and after the curing stage, the tops of this strain display an attractive blend of purple and green leaves, apricot pistils and glistening white and amber resinous glands, making it a visual treat that indicates the quality of their power and taste.

Under optimal conditions, the harvest can reach 450g/m2 indoors and 500g/plant outdoors. Besides, it should be emphasised that, given its aromatic power, this weed variety requires the use of good odour filters.

After harvest, the flowers of Girl Scout Cookies remain incredibly large because of the large calyxes from which they are formed. Even when the GSC heads are completely dried, their very thick coating of trichomes makes the heads very sticky; you will notice that the THC-rich resin easily sticks to the scissors and grinders.

Taste and effect
With 25% THC, GSC is a sensory bomb that can take you to states of deep relaxation but still give way to more euphoric and active states; a logical effect when you combine the best of both worlds, Indica and Sativa. The first hit may take you by surprise with its strength, but it will then launch you on a journey of pleasingly heady sensations, culminating in a long-lasting and full-bodied high.

One of the reasons GSC is such a well-loved strain is its flavour and aroma, which is subtle, until the floral clusters are crushed, which releases its terpenes. Dominant tastes include pine, sandalwood and rich, sweet earthy notes and hints of candied fruit, citrus, mint and anise. GCS is an authentic delight that invites you to continue to enjoy it again and again, noticing new nuances each time; it is a strain that is never dull.

Medical benefits
Girl Scout Cookies is a popular variety of weed for medical weed in the USA and many other countries and is used to treat many conditions and ailments, such as headaches and migraine. It is an excellent choice for treating anxiety and depression, and its effect of increasing appetite makes it ideal for patients who have recently undergone chemotherapy or other appetite-reducing treatments for cancer.

It may be worth noting that if you are planning to use it for medical reasons, you should try and consume as high a dose as is manageable. For this reason, we recommend consuming GSC as an edible product or as a concentrate to avoid getting too stoned! However, smoking is best for treating depression or any type of psychiatric disorder. If you start to feel paranoid, however, stop smoking GSC immediately – all kinds of weed affect people in different ways. And this leads us on to the potential side effects of Girl Scout Cookies.

Side effects
Girl Scout Cookies has a reputation for being an extremely well-balanced type of marijuana and does not have a long list of expected side effects. Dry mouth is one of the most commonly reported side effects so always have a drink of iced water handy or perhaps some milk or even better some freshly squeezed Californian orange juice, that is if you want your high to be even stronger. Scientists believe that consuming vitamin C shortly before or during smoking cannabis enhances the levels of THC in your body while simultaneously preventing dehydration.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Girl Scout Cookies; its amazing sweet flavour and delicious aroma, its superb quality and high THC content and its forgiving nature for novice growers. From its humble beginnings in the Californian mountains, it is now an internationally recognised and highly desired range.