How To Find The Best Vaporizer According To Your Needs?


Vaping has become a very popular method for consuming cannabis, and this begs the question, why?

Vaping involves heating cannabis into a fine vapor. The best thing about vaping is that it does not involve combustion and hence you don’t inhale burnt plant matter.

It turns out that vaporizers are not only compact, discreet and portable but also provides a safer option of consuming both medical and recreational marijuana.

Vaping is also very efficient, more flavorful and allows you to get the desired throat hits, produce more vapor and allows you to consume cannabis on the go!

It is pretty obvious that vaping has more pros than cons. However, to get the best out of your vaping session, you need to use the best vaping devices, and here is where we come in!

In this post, we will share with you some tips to help you find the best vaporizers according to your needs.

The journey to find the best vaporizer can be tough and that’s the reason for this guide: to hold your hand and guide you through the process.

Factors To Consider When Looking For Weed Vaporizers

Mobility: Portable vs. Desktop Vaporizers?
To get an answer to this question, consider the following factors:

Where you will be using your device?
If you are always vaping at home, then a larger desktop vaping device may work for you. On the other hand, if you if you are always on the move , then a portable vaporizer is the thing. Modern portable vaporizers can easily fit into your pocket, hence allowing you to vape on the go.

How long are your vaping sessions?
The next thing to consider is the length of your vaping sessions.Are you just after a few quick hits here and there or do you prefer long, laid back sessions?I f you are just after a few quick hits distributed throughout the day, then you might just need to get yourself a modern, advanced portable vaporizer.

On the other hand, if you are after longer vaping sessions, then you might want to go for large desktop vaporizers that plug into a socket. In addition, desktop vaporizers hold more cannabis at a time hence allowing you to vape for an extended period of time.

Do you vape alone or with friends?
If you are always in a group, then you might need to invest in a large, advanced desktop vaporizer. Apart from being powerful, desktop vaporizers also boast of high technology and are more convenient for a group setting.

How discrete do you want to be?
If discretion is your top priority, then portable vaporizers are for you. Apart from being light in weight, they are compact, flexible and produces less smoke. However, if you are okay with a larger unit, then a desktop vaporizer can work.

So portable or desktop vaporizer? This will come down to your personal preference and desires.

Technology: Conduction vs. Convection
Ooh no! You never thought your high school science lesson would catch up with you in vaping. Whether you are going for portable or desktop vaporizer, you must consider the heating method.

There are basically two heating methods that vaporizers relies on: conduction and convection.

Conduction refers to the motionless transfer of heat. In other words, conduction transfer heat through direct contact.

In this method, the marijuana herbs are placed on the heating chamber which heats them forcing them to release the essential oils.

Conduction vaporizers usually use open flame heating plates, battery power heating chambers or butane power heating chambers. Conduction vaporizers are very popular because they are easy to use and are cheaper. This makes them ideal for newbies or those operating on a budget.

Convection relies on gas (steam) or liquid to facilitate heat transfer.

Convection vaporizers are popular because they don’t combust your herbs. This is because cannabis is not in direct contact with the heating element. This means that you can easily take a break in-between hits as you don’t have to worry about your herbs continuing to burn or going to waste.

Another good thing about convection vaporizers is that they only heat a mouthful of vapor as the user inhales.This means that a small amount of dried cannabis herb can go a long way since nothing goes to waste. Convection vaporizers also allow you to preserve the valuable terpenes found in cannabis.

Material: What are you vaping?
Dry herb, wax or cartridges? It is crucial to consider what you are vaporizing as this will also determine your choice for a vaping device.

However, it is also possible to get a device that can be used with more than one vape material.

There you have it.

Price: What is your budget?
When it comes to price, you will need to go for a device that you can comfortably afford. However, it is crucial that you don’t compromise the quality of your device or important features just because of the price. You need to ask yourself: “What am I paying for”?

Other factors
Other factors to consider would include popularity, brand & user reviews. Before buying that device, it is crucial that you do thorough background research to find out what other users are saying about your desired vaporizer.

Remember that someone out there has used it so you don’t need to experiment all over again, right? If the majority of the users are saying it is not good, it is probably not worth your time. Check out the reviews left by other buyers and you will be able to make an informed decision.

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In addition, the site also features some vaporizer ‘battles’ where they you’ll find a direct head-to-head between two specific vape devices.

We hope that some of your big questions regarding cannabis and vaporizers were answered.

Now it is your turn to get deeper and find the one that suits your needs best.

All the best!