How To Wake Up Your Soil For Bigger Cannabis Yields


From seed or clone to harvest, the health of a cannabis plant is dependent on the soil in which it lives. The success or failure of achieving a potent, high-quality yield relies on a growing environment that promotes the availability and uptake of essential nutrients, water, and oxygen, which is why it is so important to prioritize soil health above all else.

The best soil for growing cannabis is a living soil. In other words, providing a growing medium teeming with living, beneficial bacteria that helps to break down nutrients and make them available to the roots will ensure that your cannabis plants have easy access to everything they need to reach their fullest potential. Otherwise, growers can waste a lot of time and money on water and fertilizers that will never be utilized by the plants.

For this reason, one of the most effective ways to set your cannabis plants up for optimum performance is to prepare the soil with an amendment that will “wake up” the growing environment and establish a thriving ecosystem that supports root health and vigorous growth.

Earth Alive Soil Activator is an organic biostimulant that converts soil minerals into easily absorbable nutrients, promoting greater plant health, enhanced growth, and maximized yields. Just like probiotics in our gut help us digest and absorb nutrients from food, Soil Activator acts like a powerful probiotic for cannabis plants by helping to digest, mobilize, and protect nutrients in the root zone. Cannabis simply grows better and produces bigger yields with the support of microbial partners in the soil, and even the most effectively fertilized crop can benefit from the addition of beneficial bacteria.

Composed of a blend of naturally-occurring microorganisms and an all-natural forestry byproduct, Earth Alive Soil Activator contains three specially-selected strains of bacteria that perform a range of beneficial actions in the root zone, including nitrogen fixation out of the air, phosphorus solubilization, organic matter mineralization, and more.

Growers can expect to see effects like improved shoot and root growth, bigger and greener leaves, and increased bud production. Soil Activator even helps to retain moisture in the soil, which means less frequent watering may be necessary.

For best results, Earth Alive Soil Activator should be applied at the time of planting or transplanting, or during the early vegetative stage. After application, the bacteria “activate” and start multiplying, establishing interconnected colonies in the root zone where they will be able to maintain their populations over the course of the production cycle and beyond. This easy to use amendment can be applied to hydroponic, soil or coco fiber growing setups for an extra boost to nutrient uptake, making it an ideal additive for growers of all types.

It can be incredibly beneficial for growers to take steps ahead of time to ensure that your cannabis plants have easy access to essential nutrients, and Earth Alive Soil Activator is the perfect solution. Find more information about Earth Alive Soil Activator and directions for use with a variety of cultivation methods here.