Is The RosinBomb Rocket The Future?:


Rosin is quickly gaining popularity due to being able to give those who use it the benefit of great flavours and enjoyable hits, and this solvent-free concentrate can be created in your home with the help of a rosin press like the RosinBomb Rocket.

Extracting rosin from herb simply requires heat, pressure and time, and although people have previously tried to achieve results through using an iron or hair straighteners this is really not as effective as using a press. High temperatures will burn herb which is why a device that can apply really high pressure is ideal for gaining the best outcome.

If this sounds like something that you would like to try for yourself you don’t need to be concerned about it being a difficult process, or one that can only be carried out on an industry scale, as there are now rosin presses available in the US which can be used with very minimal effort no matter if you have experience or not.

What is rosin?
A thick substance with a consistency similar to oil, rosin is extracted from flowers or resin and can be used in all concentrate pens with nothing else required. The vapor produced is gentle which pleases people who find other options harsh on the throat, and it has a great flavour that you just won’t find elsewhere.

Many say that using rosin is cost-effective despite the price of a press as you don’t need to use much of it to get great results which means that you can easily make your money back over time, and it is safer and healthier to use as no solvents, like butane or propane, need to be added during the extraction process unlike other methods that you could opt for. This also means that you don’t need to spend time checking that the material is free from toxins following extraction.

Although there are a number of rosin presses available on the market, RosinBomb have produced a press that will get the best yield out of your concentrate with minimal effort, and with this method of extraction becoming so popular we ask, is the RosinBomb Rocket the future?

The RosinBomb Rocket
Compact, discrete, consumer friendly, and of a professional grade, the RosinBomb Rocket really is the place to start if you want to start pressing at home. Simple to use with the ability to produce amazing results due to its ability to apply 1500lbs of pressure, all you need is a plug socket and you can get going immediately.

This rosin press boasts flattened plates which produce even pressure and heat, and it can press up to 5 grams at a time, plus its display shows you the temperature which you can adjust by degree to a maximum of 149 Celsius, which is handy if you want to use it for different substances that require different conditions.

To use this press, place your substance in a compact pile between two sheets of greaseproof paper and once the desired temperature has been reached, simply press the ‘up’ button to commence pressing and press the ‘down’ button when it is complete, it really is that easy!

After use, the extracted rosin can be collected from the parchment paper. Remember that you should not try to use the press without product between the plates as this can damage it and stop it from working efficiently in the future.

Measuring just 10 inches in height and weighing 6 kilograms, the RosinBomb Rocket is a portable device so you can easily take it out of the house if you wish, and as it is made from stainless steel you can be confident that it is durable and robust enough to be transported. As previously stated, all you need is a plug socket and you can use this press to extract rosin anywhere!

Another benefit of the RosinBomb Rocket is that is has no hydraulics which means that it quieter than other presses and ideal if you’re looking for something a bit subtle, plus it is very low maintenance too without any fiddly parts to worry about.

Through being attractive, durable, portable, subtle, easy to use, and consumer friendly, it is not hard to see why the RosinBomb Rocket could be the future, especially when rosin is undoubtably becoming the fastest growing extract industry, so why not treat yourself to this extraordinary piece of equipment today.