Labeling Joint Tubes: Manual Application Or Automated?

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Marijuana businesses constantly seek new and unique techniques to market their brand differently. One simple way to do so is by using custom stickers labeling on their packaging. Not only do custom stickers leave an imprint on the customer’s mind, they also give the product an appealing look. However, to use this marketing technique, it is important to understand the procedure for creating a labeled packaging for your product. 

Many marijuana businesses apply stickers on their product’s packaging by hand. Some prefer an automated procedure for the same. So which process is better, and affordable?

Let’s have a look. 

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Manual Sticker Application vs Automated Sticker Application
Application of stickers in bulk, by hand requires a considerable amount of manual labor. The more the labor, more the money spent on sticker application. Also, with manual labor, there is an increased risk of faulty application. For example, the sticker might not align with the product packaging or there might be some residue of glue on a corner of the sticker. The biggest drawback of manual application is that it can take a lot of time and is definitely not suitable for bulk quantities. 

Automated application on the other hand is done with high-quality precision, hence every unit is labeled neatly and uniformly. It is much faster than manual application and thus, is more cost effective too. 

Where Can You Get Automated Sticker Application For Your Packaging?
Worried that you would waste a whole lot of tubes and labels, in case you outsource label application? Worry not! MJ Wholesale offers ‘just’ label application services too, at low rates. We offer the entire deal or ‘just’ the label application services too, in which, we use the labels and tubes provided by you and apply them using automated processes.  We are a wholesale supplier of all kinds of marijuana packaging and print custom labels too.  Low rates, fast processing and high-quality precision is our forte. 

You can read more about our end-to-end services and label application services here – End to End Services

When you opt for end-to-end services, we do everything for you, which means, you can buy the pre-roll packaging – 116 mm tubes, from our collection, get us to print custom labels as per your design, apply these labels to your pre-roll packaging and ship them to you. 

Step 1:  Choose Your Pre-Roll Tubes
MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a versatile collection of the Philips Joint Tubes that you can buy in bulk quantities. You can choose from a number of colors that we have, like silver, white, clear, gold, green, available in varying quantities like 950, 9500, 19000, 28500, 38000, and 47500. 

Step 2: Get The Custom Print Labels
You can share the artwork or graphic that resonates with your brand. It could be your logo, name of the brand, brand message or product name. We will print the labels after showing you a digital copy of how the sticker will look like. If needed, we can assist you with the creation of a better design. Your stickers are printed on high-quality material that have tapered edges to ensure perfect application. 

Step 3: Label Application
Now that you have selected your preferred joint tubes and finalized the custom printed labels, only application of labels remains. We apply the approved labels on the tubes with the automated label applicator. This process is done with 100% precision and at a super-fast speed. After labeling the entire lot of tubes, we ship them to your location speedily. And now, you are ready to perfectly package your products in neatly labeled pre-rolled tubes. 

Sticker Application Services

Don’t worry if you have already purchased your joint tubes and got your sticker labels made. You don’t have to apply them by hand. You can still outsource the application process. MJ Wholesale takes up “just” the sticker application too. All you need to do is, provide us with a roll of your labels and the closed joint tubes, and using our efficient automated label applicator, we label the tubes at a lightning speed with 100% precision. 

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Why Choose MJ Wholesale For Label Application?

  • More Efficient And Affordable
    Labor is getting increasingly expensive and it is difficult to control the amount of time it takes to complete bulk tasks. But when you use MJ Wholesale’s services for sticker application you don’t have to worry. Not only is the job done faster, it is more economical too. How, you ask? With us, the price of label application starts from as little as $0.05 to up to $0.15 per tube. The more tubes you get labeled the more economical will the service be for you. You can outsource the job to us, and be worry-free. 
  • Cleaner, Neater Process And Outcome
    If you have attempted application of stickers by hand, you must already know the amount of mess it can create. Sometimes, one can also see visible fingerprints around the sticker label, giving the product a messy look. If the sticker labels are not applied carefully, the ink on the labels may get smeared, especially if the labels are freshly printed; making the labels illegible and losing their purpose. 

In addition to all of these issues, the overall look of your product will appear clumsy and non-presentable. With our automated label applicator, you can be assured of a 100% hygienic process with minimal manual interference. Gloves are utilized even for simple tasks such as loading and unloading, to ensure a professional procedure that does not leave any fingerprints or residue. Plus, all the recommended safety and hygiene instructions are followed during the process. 

  • Error Free Label Application
    Manual application of labels is always tricky because it depends on the perception of the person, stability and strength of their hands, focus and speed. Sometimes, the label can look misaligned even though they might think they applied it straight. If done hastily, the labels would be applied upside down or loosely, resulting in them peeling off even before reaching the customer. Hiring someone for a round of supervision will not only cost more time, but also money. And also result in a big batch of wrongly labeled tubes! 

With MJ Wholesale’s automated label applicator, the alignment is always perfect and the application is always smooth. You can avoid crooked, slanted and misaligned labels when you outsource the job to us.

  • Minimal Wastage
    Manual handling of objects can lead to breakage. Especially, if handled in haste, you could end up with more broken and cracked tubes than properly labeled ones. However, when you utilize our service of automated label application, you will see that there is hardly any wastage. Not only does this save the overall cost, and effort of reordering tubes, but also the time required for the entire process. 

Ending Note
Take your pre-roll packaging and labeling up a notch. Bid goodbye to manual application of labels on your marijuana packaging and switch to the smarter way of label application with MJ Wholesale’s automated label applicator. Check out our website and book your service today!