Purple Kush: Fresh And Fruity


Purple Kush, sometimes referred to as Purple Afghan Kush, is regarded by many connoisseurs as one of the finest types of marijuana in existence. It lives up to its name and produces leaves and buds that range from magenta to deep purple. Purple Kush is a great strain to choose if you are a novice grower, or if you simply want a high yielding weed with strong effects. Why not get the year off to a good start, put a few beautiful Purple Kush plants in your grow room. The strong Afghan genetics can take a beating and are pretty much a guarantee of successful cultivation. And with a bit of luck, your first harvest will also be dominated by the beautiful purple shades of Purple Kush.

Purple Kush is a delicious Indica-dominant cannabis strain to have in your grow room. The Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani genetics grow lush and fast and hardly require any attention. Provided there is enough light, water and nutrients available, it will produce compact spherical buds with a multitude of trichomes. And when you expose the plants to reduced temperatures at the end of the flowering phase, you can count on a photogenic purple colour.

The fact that Purple Kush also leads to successful breeding success in the hands of less experienced growers does not mean that the end product is also suitable for less experienced lungs. The THC percentage in Purple Kush is high, and the effect is powerful. You don’t need much to experience the penetrating Kush flavour and intense high feeling of Purple Kush.

Purple Kush seeds are the result of the cross between two Kush giants, Purple Kush and Bubba Kush. Besides its rapid flowering and suitability for use in small spaces, this strain with its soothing properties has to be the best of the whole lot in terms of beauty and fragrance. Purple Kush is a true Indica, and she is the most beautiful and mysterious marijuana plant ever seen. Its large leaves fall as if they were caressing the flowers they cover.

While the lower leaves remain dark green during flowering, the upper leaves acquire beautiful, almost black, purple hues that make her surprisingly mysterious and elegant. Its compact, bushy, medium-sized structure with short branches is perfect for growing in small spaces, but don’t be too confident, as it is far from inconspicuous. In fact, she has the potential to easily dominate the garden!

How to grow Purple Kush
Purple Kush is classed as an easy-to-grow cannabis strain and can withstand scorching and dry weather conditions without difficulty. Indoors or outside: the choice is yours, she will do well with both. The amount of water, but not the frequency of watering sessions, may be reduced compared to other cannabis plants. Remember that Purple Kush was bred in the arid mountains of the Hindu Kush, which is why it can thrive in dry and extreme climates.

However, there is one aspect to be aware of: vegetative time. We, therefore, strongly recommended leaving it in the vegetative phase for an additional 20 days before flowering; that is about a month and a half before the start of flowering.

Purple Kush is easy to grow and produces remarkable resin of exceptional quality. As flowering progresses, the leaves and buds become covered with a thick layer of sticky trichomes; ideal for making good-quality hash.

Purple Kush reaches the flowering time in as little as seven to eight weeks. Her yield is moderate to high; experienced growers can expect about 37 grams per square footage when grown in optimal conditions.

Taste and effect
Next to its natural beauty, the most surprising and rewarding characteristic of Purple Kush is its fresh and fruity aroma, which is reminiscent of a freshly sliced pineapple with mango undertones. This is precisely the scent of Purple Kush. Despite the earthy and spicy aroma of its Kush predecessors, this Afghan strain smells like a tropical cocktail.

Purple Kush induces strong and delightful feelings of relaxation. Her high THC level doesn’t cause an unbearable high in the brain, but it does help relieve muscle tension.

Side effects
Purple Kush is not associated with any notable psychoactive side effects and is really a very mild strain. The majority of consumers who have reported adverse effects claim cottonmouth as the number one downfall of Purple Kush weed.

Medical benefits
Purple Kush is widely used as therapeutic cannabis as it has a lot of medical benefits. It can be effectively used for nausea, insomnia, and loss of appetite, for example. Purple Kush weed may also be used to treat arthritis, depression, and anxiety. Try it baked in cookies or brownies for extra long-lasting effects.