The Vivosun Automatic DWC System

Vivosun article automatic dwc system

The all new VIVOSUN Automatic DWC system introduces a more sophisticated way to automate your hydroponics operation.

Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponics is a system organized to allow plant roots to dangle into an oxygenated nutrient-water solution where they absorb all the minerals required for growth. This gives plants a cleaner flavor, it improves pathogen resistance, and it encourages faster growth than soil cultivation. DWC is “deep” because it uses a large container that holds a lot of water, which in turn means a more stable nutrient solution and less effort monitoring for the grower.

The VIVOSUN automatic DWC system expands on basic DWC systems in significant ways that encourage healthier plants, robust growth, larger yields, and easier management. Our updated DWC hydroponic growing system features a unique top drip irrigation design: by utilizing a special air pump that provides air bubbles within the nutrient solution and a jet drip irrigation system located at the top of the container, we create a more suitable environment that stimulates faster root growth than conventional DWC systems. Simultaneously, the system provides water circulation that keeps the nutrient solution fresh and oxygenated for easy uptake.

VIVOSUN’s DWC system is the complete kit that any grower needs to start their own operation.

Each container holds up to 5 gallons of nutrient solution and is made of light-blocking polypropylene to ensure bacteria does not grow in the system. Each container also holds an 8-inch basket and includes handles for easier transport. The system is operated by a powerful air pump with air regulators to adjust the amount of air provided. Additionally, it includes clay pebbles as a grow medium, which keeps plants stable as they root, and it has a water level indicator making EC and pH sampling simple.

Operating the DWC system is simple: fill the container with your nutrient solution, fill the 8-inch basket with the clay pebbles, fit your plant into place, and plug in your air pump. The pump will help introduce oxygen into the container while agitating the nutrient mixture so nutrients dissolve evenly. Oxygen is crucial to hydroponic systems: without it, plants will struggle to absorb nutrients and will eventually drown, so we designed our pump to be more powerful and more reliable, ensuring you won’t have to worry about its performance. Additionally, our system includes a unique top irrigation system that provides nutrients directly into the clay pebbles, helping ensure your plant is properly exposed to nutrients and water.

Each container is able to house a single plant – this provides a major benefit for those growers who have plants in different stages and with different needs. It is uncommon for two plants to have exactly the same nutrient requirements, so when plants are connected to a single irrigation source some plants will thrive while others will struggle. By isolating plants into a single container, they are able to get the exact nutrient mixture they need, meaning they grow faster and healthier.

VIVOSUN’s automatic DWC system improves upon traditional DWC hydroponic systems by providing better nutrient and oxygen circulation within the container but also by providing nutrients to the surface. The system houses a single plant, rather than maintain multiple plants with a single irrigation system, so growers have better control over each plant’s specific needs, without having to add extra equipment like multiple air pumps.

The VIVOSUN DWC hydroponic system establishes a new baseline of what can be expected in hydroponics: personalization, affordability, flexibility, and reliability.