Top 7 Weed Strains For Your Best Summer Ever

Herbies top weed strains for summer

With alcoholic drinks, it’s easy. Gin, rum, and tequila are all you need to make dozens of ice-cold and fizzy cocktails in tall glasses and have a perfect summer day. But what about cannabis? Are there some weed strains that go especially well with hot and muggy afternoons, when all you can do is lie motionless in a darkened room and press a water bong against your forehead or fan yourself with a rolling tray? What are the top weed strains for summer?

Well, if you aren’t new to the game, you probably know that there’s the right strain of weed for every situation, including any kind of summertime exploit. Whether you want to chill by the pool, have a romp at the beach, or host a backyard cookout, we bet we can suggest the right variety for everybody.

Check out our list of the 7 top weed strains for a summer vibe. You can purchase them all at Herbies Seeds (as well as over 1,500 other strains) and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Let Herbies Be Your Perfect Summer Companion
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Top 7 Weed Strains For Summer Recommended by Herbies
Some of the strains on the list below are Herbies Seeds’ in-house creations, and we can personally vouch for their excellent quality and unique character. Others were produced by respected breeders, such as Barney’s Farm and FastBuds, and these are brands that guarantee the best possible experience either growing or smoking them.

Gelato Auto
When a heatwave strikes and the last thing on your mind is work, try Gelato Auto as your daytime strain. This Sativa-dominant treat instantly refreshes you and boosts your energy levels to the point where you can take on any job and be 100% happy doing it. Besides tons of motivation and good mood, these buds also offer a burst of creativity. Just make sure you can handle this weed’s potency – 26% THC can easily land you on the floor, which isn’t the worst place to be in the summer heat, but your boss probably won’t appreciate it. This robust, stocky autoflower matures in just 60-65 days and produces up to 400-600g/m² (1.3-2oz/ft²) indoors.

Fruity Chronic Juice
When the day is over but the evening brings you no respite and you’re still sweating and panting, it’s time for Fruity Chronic Juice. Her Indica character ensures instant relaxation that masks tiredness and discomfort with a beautiful body buzz. Despite its 22% THC, the effects are non-threatening even for a novice smoker because the level of CBD is also high, introducing serenity into the whole experience. This is the kind of smoke that you can relish for a long time without the fear of overdosing, and you’ll enjoy every puff of this citrusy and piney goodness. This feminized variety is ready for harvest after 50-55 days in flower with yields of up to 450g/m2 (1.5oz/ft²). Outdoors, each plant produces as much as 800g (28oz) by mid-September.

Strawberry Banana Auto
If you want the best strain for summer weather, look at what Californians are smoking. Recently the Golden State has fallen head over heels for the tropical and fruity delights of Strawberry Banana. The autoflowering version bred by FastBuds is as delicious as the original and, with 27% THC, has lost none of its potency. By controlling the dosage, you can make this smoke fit any situation and any time of day – from a jolt of energy in the morning to total relaxation of the mind and body late at night. Whatever level of stonedness you choose, you can count on roaring euphoria every time. This is one of the larger autos, able to produce 450-600g/m² (1.3-2oz/ft²) in 10-11 weeks from seeds.

Apple Betty
We continue our line-up of the top weed strains for summer with the refreshing fruity strain – Herbies’ own Apple Betty. When the temps are in the lower 90s, try buds with a THC content in the lower 30s and see what happens. Spoiler alert: a total meltdown. Arguably the strongest strain in Herbies Seeds’ collection, this Indica-leaning hybrid is enough to upset your mental apple cart, and you’re just as likely to be overwhelmed by this weed’s unique smell and taste of green apples with notes of wood, cinnamon, and chocolate. Impressed yet? How about the yields of 600-800g/m² (2-2.5oz/ft²) indoors and up to 2.6 kg (92oz) per plant outdoors? Sounds like something you should try!

Banana Punch
An evening treat dominated by the flavor of ripe tropical fruit, Banana Punch is a deeply relaxing medicine thanks to its 26% THC. With potency like this, there’s not much you can do except chill on the porch and enjoy the sunset while your muscles get all numb and a tingly sensation washes over your skin in waves of euphoria. Only long-time smokers can use these buds throughout the day and stay alert and motivated. This tropical beauty is also versatile enough to be grown in cool climates, while indoors, she doesn’t grow to more than 110cm (3’7”) but brings hefty yields of 600-650 g/m² (2-2.1 oz/ft²).

Euphoria CBD
Planning a long hike or a day at the beach with water sports and everything? Then you probably don’t need to be stoned out of your mind, and Euphoria CBD is just the strain for you. Featuring THC at 9-15% and CBD at 6-10%, this smoke is perfect for any leisure activity as well as social occasions, as you will remain alert and motivated, talkative and poised, and full of energy and creative ideas. In short, this weed is your ticket to the world of cool. Growing this Indica-dominant variety is a breeze too, as she’s squat and bushy, takes well to high-stress training, and produces 450-500g/m2 (1.5-1.6oz/ft²) in just 8 weeks of flowering indoors.

Smoothie Auto
And now it’s time for smoothies! Smoothie Auto is one of those strains whose very name makes your mouth water, and its flavor is exactly as advertised. With a rich aroma of mangos and blueberries and a creamy finish, this smoke is as refreshing as a cool drink – well, except that it makes your mouth parched and needs to be chased with a real drink, and fast. The THC level of 24% is high enough to turn you into a vegetable if you take too many puffs, but in moderation, you can adjust this wonderfully relaxing smoke to either do anything or just chill. This autoflower is ideal for indoor cultivation, especially SOG setups, as the plants are compact and sturdy but yield as much as 400-550g/m2 (1.3-1.8oz/ft²).