VIVOSUN: The Key Features Of AeroLight


The first ever LED grow light that integrates a circulation fan directly into the light itself (patent pending).

Our unique design allows for greater air circulation directly into the canopy, improving CO2 distribution, promoting photosynthesis, and creating uniform temperature and humidity, reducing mold and pests.

We’ve optimized the LED spectrum to match all stages of growth: the adjustable spectrum produces deep blues (450nm) for seedling and vegetative stage, promoting strong stems, branches, and leaves; and red and far-red (730nm) for superior flower growth. The AeroLight can be programmed to react to changes in environment or according to a pre-set schedule and is even programmable to mimic natural weather like sunrise, sunset, and natural wind.

The AeroLight is designed with reliability in mind: the industrial-grade DC fan is extra quiet and together with an optimized air inlet design improves lifespan. We’ve increased the cooling surface area with aluminium alloy heatsink fins that increase the lifespan of the AeroLight to about 70,000 hours.

We wanted the AeroLight to fit every grow space, so we designed our own extension brackets, a structural improvement on daisy-chain technology that links AeroLights together with an H-bracket (patent pending).

– The first ever fully integrated LED grow light and circulation fan system (patent pending)
– The circulation fan is situated to balance airflow where other fans cannot reach, improving CO2 exposure and creating uniform humidity and temperature, thereby reducing mold
– Optimized Samsung 301H Diodes match the required light spectrum of all stages of growth, providing deep blue (450nm) for seedlings and vegetative growth, to red and far-red(730nm) spectrum for flowering
– AeroLight is rated for a lifespan of about 70,000 hours thanks to our unique heatsink fin-design that increases cooling area while the industrial grade dual ball-bearing fan is ultra-quiet
– Our patented extension brackets allow for stable connections between multiple AeroLight systems, meaning you can easily expand your grow operation and keep your photoperiod settings across multiple LEDs
– With fully customizable programming, you can simulate natural environmental changes such as sunrise, sunset, and a natural breeze

Summary of key features of the VIVOSUN GrowHub

We have simplified all technical aspects of your entire grow system into an easy-to-use, unified Controller.

The VIVOSUN all-in-one Controller can manage multiple devices simultaneously, from your ventilation to your LED system or the AreoLight LED and integrated fan: for the first time you can write “recipes” to create an environment that is perfectly calibrated to your space and adjusts to changes automatically.

With the VIVOSUN GrowHub you can pre-program your grow system to react to changes in humidity and temperature. control your photoperiod, and set schedules for changes in spectrum according to the stage of plant growth – simply, you can set it and forget it or get deep into settings and create minor adjustments as your plants grow. Our simple Controller design makes programming, adjusting, and monitoring your environment easy. With the touch of a button, you can simulate the perfect natural environment for your plant, and even improve upon it.

Our Controller automatically records changes in the environment directly into your own grow diary so you can track how your plants are growing over time, all through our app. Record and plan according to the information you’ve gathered and adjust light levels, temperature, humidity, fan speed, and operation times based upon real-time information, and if something goes wrong an alarm on your app will automatically alert you before it becomes a problem.

Installation is simple and easy – we’ve included a patented magnetic mounting plate that keeps your controller out the way but always within view, whether that is inside or outside your tent.

– The VIVOSUN GrowHub is the first WIFI enabled device that controls all your growing equipment from your lights to ventilation to the AeroLight LED system
– Create fully automated environmental programs using the “recipe” feature to prepare for changes in humidity, temperature, or photoperiod
– Control light spectrum, photoperiod, light intensity, fan speed, and humidity with the touch of a button
– The Controller helps record and log all environmental changes so you can keep updated on your plant’s health and know how to adjust your environment according to its need
– Our patented magnetic mounting bracket means you can place your Controller anywhere, inside or outside the tent
– Data collected by your Controller is stored in the cloud without data limits and can be accessed on the App, where you can use the data to make environmental changes so your plants have the perfect environment to thrive

Summary of key features of the App

Expand the VIVOSUN GrowHub’s capabilities through our App that gives you access to all of the data collected on your environment and allows you to create your own recipes. The VIVOSUN App is the first of its kind: an all-in-one program where you can monitor and record minor or major environmental changes inside and outside your tent, including humidity and temperature, pre-program automatic functions that react to environmental changes or photoperiods, Dim, brighten, or change the light spectrum of LEDs, tune your environmental controls as precisely as you want, and control most LED grow lights on the market.

We have designed and built this app to make control over your environment simple and easy. Our App’s grow diary establishes the foundation for improving your harvests: what gets measured gets improved.

Pre-program operations that can automate your entire grow or gather all data and alter the grow moment-by-moment and create the perfect tailored environment for your plants. With the VIVOSUN App you will have total control over your system, wherever you are in the world. If any major changes occur in your tent, the App will automatically alert you so you can respond before anything goes wrong.

– The first ever App that gives you total control over your grow tent equipment, from anywhere in the world
– Carry control over your tent wherever you go and get alerted about major changes in the environment
– Create “recipes” that react to minor and major environmental changes
– Control humidity, temperature, photoperiod, ventilation, light spectrum, and light intensity entirely on your phone
– Track and record all relevant data automatically and store it in the cloud without data limits
– Use data that is automatically logged into your grow diary to make adjustments in your tent’s environment
– Easy-to-use interface makes adjustments quick and simple

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