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Landrace: “A cannabis strain which has developed in its own environment, which has not been crossed with any external genetics”.

You probably already knew the definition and that these are particularly stable plants. You probably also know the fact that these plants have had to mimic very particular and (unfavorable) conditions, making them unique strains, which have absolutely no relation to the typical ones.

Perhaps, you even identify this type of genetics with a marijuana seed bank. That’s right, World Of Seeds. But why is this seed bank is a reference for the landrace strains? We are going to find out right now, but at the same time we are going to delve into the characteristics of these strains depending on their location through an international trip with five stops. Let’s get to it:

Brazil Amazonia

The trip starts in the Amazon rainforest with a very compact and predominantly sativa plant. By its origin, it is no coincidence that it is incredibly vigorous and bushy. Big buds, long flowering period and taste ranging from sweet to fruity.

Now when we continue the journey, you will realize that wherever we are, the origin of these strains begins in the same way. In this case, the indigenous tribes began to cultivate it for medicinal purposes. Fundamentally for women who had to face childbirth.

South African Kwazulu

Yes, we had to go through Africa. The continent where marijuana has been cultivated for at least 1,000 years. On this trip we are not going to talk about Europe, but the evolution of both continents in this matter developed very evenly (especially compared to the Mediterranean countries of the old continent). Cannabis Sativa L develops in Asia and arrives in Africa through Egypt about 5 millennia ago.

And if we stick to the origin of this strain we could be in a history class. Many, many generations of the Shaka Zulu tribe cultivated it. They were farmers, but they were also warriors. We are talking about a plant which played a part in the war between the British and the Zulus in 1879.

Again, we are talking about a sweet sativa, but it also has a key peculiarity: it resists incredibly well any kind of disease.

Pakistan Valley

We finally arrive to Asia, to the epicenter of everything, and finally we must talk about the Afghan influence. The indica marijuana coming from these regions is known worldwide. It all starts in the Hindu Ksuh mountain range, located between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mountainous ground, extreme altitude, and extreme continental climate. Conditions that where small indica plants originated, very compact, but with particularly large leaves.

It is ideal for indoor growing due to both its appearance and its high potency. In addition, it stands out for its high content in CBD. Yes, we are talking about one of the therapeutic varieties not to be missed.

Wild Thailand

We change strain and change origin, and if we talk about origin we have to talk about climate. We have gone from an extreme continental climate to a tropical environment, (warm and humid). Wild Thailand is a Landrace Seed from Southeast Asia, a lineage that began when cannabis arrived in Thailand through India.

Specifically, the Wild Thailand is one of the plants that produce more THC worldwide. But in addition, this sativa has its romantic historical side, having been transported clandestinely by Thai growers, facing surprisingly harsh penalties.

These are just some of the pure origin strains from World of Seeds. We have just discussed the characteristics of specific strains, but this same data has helped us to define global trends regarding the development of cannabis in specific regions. And this can only mean one thing – Landrace Seeds from World of Seeds do not cheat: they cannot be purer.