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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Ace Seeds to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Ace Seeds are pioneers in the preservation of rare landrace strains and in the development of innovative hybrids.

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ACE Seeds want to improve the lack of diversity that Cannabis strains are suffering from by offering pure, fresh and different genetics. ACE Seeds offer some truly extraordinary genetics selected from the best of their extensive library of C.Sativa strains, collected from all around the world and preserved in their collection. Many of these genetics are exclusive and stock limited.

On their website, along with many landrace seeds, you’ll find a great variety of high quality regular and feminized seeds and a few autoflowering seeds too, developed from their preservation and breeding work. Their newest addition is their own autoflowering strain – Auto Malawi x Northern Lights.

Ace Seeds offer cannabinoid and terpene analysis of most of their strains. The majority of their stock are their own-bred marijuana strains, although you’ll also find seeds from other seed banks of proven quality. They are continuing to expand and improve their strain catalogue including new landraces, hybrids, special limited editions, and even Breeders Packs, for cannabis breeders and professional growers.

If you are looking for landrace or exclusive strains and want to do your bit for strain preservation at the same time, then Ace Seeds is the seed bank for you.

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Email:  info@aceseeds.org

Website: Ace Seeds

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