420 Sponsor: BudgetLED


Please join us in thanking BudgetLED for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

As growers themselves, BudgetLED decided to spend the time, the research and the effort to bring a quality LED option to market that was also easy on the wallet and easy to assemble. That is how BudgetLED was born.

When cannabis became legal in Michigan, BudgetLED’s passion for growing burned even stronger. As growers, they looked for the most efficient and reliable lighting they could. However, the market was full of overpriced products that left buyers reaching deep into their pockets to buy quality LED lighting.

They determined to create lights that were quality, practical and affordable.

Their lighting features top bin Samsung diodes along with Meanwell drivers that will compete with all other brands on the market offering a similar set-up. The goal is to make LED lighting more affordable without losing quality. There are many reasons why BudgetLED can do this. They are not greedy, they run lean, and they do not add costs to beautify the product.

They build a light to grow plants, not win beauty contests. They are also new in the marketplace: they wish to gain the trust of their clients by offering them an alternative option to what they see as the overpriced products currently on the market.

BudgetLED put the customer first, not growth and profit. That is why so many growers choose them!


Email: info@budgetgrowlights.com

Website: BudgetLED

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