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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, Cipher, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

“Elevate your everyday” say Cipher, and they have the range of vaporizers to do just that.

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Cipher are located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and serve customers and stores worldwide. The Cipher technical team has over 40 years of experience serving the needs of consumers in the cannabis market.

The Cipher brand is committed to the design and manufacture of creative and unique products that enhance the modern active cannabis lifestyle. You can expect high-quality, durability, and excellent value in each of their products.

Take for example their NOVA epipe, designed for those who love to smoke flower.

NOVA is a revolutionary, all-in-one electronic smoking pipe that re-invents the way you’re going to smoke. The patent pending design integrates a plasma arc lighter with a refillable, interchangeable smoking pod system. Single button operation offers precise control of the lighter so NOVA can be used for quick one-hits, or for as many hits as you want. The fully-enclosed pod system creates a natural self-extinguishing effect, so your valuable material only burns when you want it to. NOVA is effortless to use: load pod with ground material, turn power on, smoke! It’s elegant and palm-sized, and travels easily in the included pocket-size travel bag. For an even cooler experience, you can add the optional water bubbler that attaches instantly utilizing magnetic connection.

Or there’s the Cipher Stealth – a sleek, protective, and discreet cartridge vaporizer for consuming your favorite 510-thread cartridge. Stealth is convenient and easy to use – it’s always on and draw-activated, so just flick the cover open and hit it, it’s that simple! For a supercharged blast of vapor, just press the button while inhaling. Stealth also takes the guesswork out of knowing what voltage to use. The Smart Cart Detection feature senses your cartridge and sets the optimal voltage automatically, (you can still override the voltage with three button clicks). A crisp LCD displays everything you need to know, including battery level, voltage setting, and more. With over 200 cool designs to choose from, the only problem will be which Stealth to pick! You can even have it customized with your own design.

Cipher’s Herby and Nautilus ranges are also worth exploring for those who enjoy vaping dry herb.

When you purchase a Cipher product you can expect top quality customer service. And you can expect to actually talk to a human!

Shipment protection and warranty support come as standard, so there’s really no reason not to check out Cipher’s beautiful range of vapes.

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stealth cipher
stealth cipher
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1484 Pollard Road #244
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Telephone: 844-311-7535


Website: Cipher

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