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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, Dulytek, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Dulytek Equipment is a US-based engineering company that designs, manufactures, and sells botanical oil solventless extraction presses and related accessories.

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Dulytek’s wide range of presses suit any purpose – from the individual home-grower to small to middle-size businesses, experimental laboratories, herbal stores, breweries, and others.

Their rosin presses are easy to use, affordable and reliable so that their customers can keep on running them day after day.

Many of their press machines are lightweight and portable, which makes them convenient for home users.

Whether it is a hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, or manually-powered rosin press, at Dulytek they strive for quality workmanship and stand behind their products with pride. Their design team is constantly working on developing new ways to improve and optimize rosin extraction methods and provide their clients with the best products possible.

In their accessories section, you’ll find pre-press molds, filter bags, rosin and wax tool kits, cold plates, containers, scrapers and rosin mats. In other words, everything you need for producing quality extracts, (except of course the bud itself).

Dulytek discreetly ship their quality products to North America, Europe, Australia and South America.

DM800 Personal Rosin Heat Press Dulytek

DE40K Industrial Strength Hybrid Power Rosin Heat Press Dulytek


Dulytek Equipment
Seattle, WA, 98105, USA

Telephone: 1-800-728-3088

Customer Service: help@dulytek.com
General Inquiries: info@dulytek.com
Rosin Tech Support: rosin@dulytek.com

Website: Dulytek

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