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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, EcoWorks, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

EcoWorks is a family-grown, organic solution for controlling sucking pests and plant diseases.

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EcoStadt Technologies know the challenges of being a grower all too well. Being a family owned and operated business, they come from a long lineage of multi-generational farmers. Which is why they started a Cleantech company focused on creating eco-friendly and sustainably sourced organic plant nutrients and natural pesticide products. Their emphasis lies in providing their customers, who are among some of the hardest working people on this planet, with highly effective and safe products that will help make consumables safer, cleaner, and more cost effective. They have been working since 2012 to develop sustainably sourced and carbon neutral products for making crops less dependent on conventional chemicals and increasing crop yields with fewer inputs.

EcoWorks EC was developed after decades of experience in formulating and developing other neem based biopesticide products. It became clear that selectively extracted organic products were less effective, more prone to pest and disease resistance and severely cost-prohibitive. EcoWorks wanted to reduce the processing of these products and develop a more effective product that harnessed a wide array of naturally occurring active compounds while being cost-effective. Decades of experience, efficacy data, safety data and inconveniences were used to develop EcoWorks EC.

The whole premise behind EcoWorks EC was to develop a 100% natural product devoid of heat or solvent based extraction methods, which is why the main active ingredient is pure, cold-pressed neem oil. Moreover, high-quality cold-pressed neem oil contains Azadirachtins as well as 100’s of other neem limonoids which enable significantly better control of sucking pests and plant diseases. To go a step further, they paired the cold-pressed neem oil active with a highly effective and tailor-made organic adjuvant which provides EcoWorks EC with higher UV stability thereby preventing phytotoxicity/crop burn occurrences. This adjuvant also enables instant emulsion formation when mixed in water and promotes great spreading activity on the plant surface by reducing surface tension.

EcoWorks EC was formulated with safety as a priority. Each batch of EcoWorks is screened for a wide array of chemical contaminants at Colorado State University labs. The family go from seed to bottle in their in-house, organics-only manufacturing facility, where they source the raw ingredients, manufacture, and bottle the product. This allows them to tightly monitor the final product and ensure 100% product safety.

You can rest assured after decades of R&D and experience, EcoWorks have created the highest quality product with safety, efficacy, and convenience in mind. Being a family-owned business, they have always wanted to go the distance and do things the right way: they see it as their moral obligation to growers and the planet. EcoWorks is passed from their family to yours in the hope that you find it useful and effective in addressing your concerns as a grower.

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Telephone: 800-681-1757

Email: contact@leftcoastwholesale.com

Website: EcoWorks EC 4-in-1 Pesticide

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