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Please join us in thanking Gorilla Seed Bank for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

To go from King of the Jungle to King of Cannabis Seeds, The Gorilla, (sometimes referred to as Alex), ventured far & wide from his native land, soaking up knowledge like a sponge until he could learn no more.

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Finally, this THC-hungry beast settled down in the UK to open a new kind of online seed shop – one that cares more about its loyal customers than getting rich.

After years of frustration ordering cannabis seeds for himself from other seed banks and being continually let down, Alex knew he could provide a much better and personalised service, which was something the other seed banks had seemed to have forgotten. The Chief Gorilla decided to recruit likeminded passionate and devoted people to assist on his crusade in making collecting cannabis seeds a hell of a lot nicer and easier, leaving you with literally no alternative but to come back for more!

To that end, The Gorilla seeks to offer a virtually unlimited selection of the best cannabis seeds from the best Seed Banks at the lowest prices – at least 10% lower – with fast, discreet delivery, friendly, helpful customer service and the best set of freebies on the planet. It’s a dirty job, say Gorilla, but somebody has to do it!

They have set the bar as high as it goes and they continually improve the Gorilla Seeds’ shopping experience. Some of their plans include adding new weed seeds on a daily basis, dropping prices at every opportunity and switching up their awesome set of free cannabis seeds so that their most loyal customers never get bored.

Gorilla Seed Bank may be relatively young – they were founded in 2011 – but with more than 40 years cannabis seed experience shared between its founding members, there are no novices here.

Based in the UK but with an international spread, the Gorilla team have had their hairy hands in projects since they were cannabis seed infants, but having surged to the pinnacle of the industry, and had success in each of their particular fields, they have decided to come together to form a cannabis seed ‘super-group’.

Gorilla Seeds’ stated goal is to provide nothing but the best of the best, to each and every customer at all times: the best seeds, of the best quality, from the best breeders and at the best prices. All wrapped up in a trustworthy and reliable service.

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PO Box 1150
Weston Super Mare
BS25 9AJ

UK 01934-807-173
USA 1-720-316-6474

Email: andy@gorilla-seeds.co.uk

Website: Gorilla Seed Bank

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