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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor, Intrinsic Hemp, to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Intrinsic Hemp is driven to deliver the highest quality hemp products in the industry.

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Intrinsic Hemp source their hemp feedstock from America’s most trusted farmers who utilize cutting-edge high CBD hemp genetics, and sustainable practices. Their gold oils are processed using the state of the art sub-zero extraction method. They back up their claims with third-party testing from the most trusted laboratories in America. They provide honest pricing and the best fast & free shipping available anywhere. In this vague, confusing and unregulated industry, their goal is simple: to hold themselves and their products to A Higher Standard.

The words of Intrinsic Hemp’s founder, David Haddix, are a powerful testament to both his products and his business:

“After graduating from college, and after many mis-starts and missed opportunities, I finally became the entrepreneur that I worked so hard to become. Almost like magic, the trials and errors of my ‘school of hard knocks’ real world education had grown to exceed my expectations.

“But I still was not happy…

“You see, for years I had suffered with anxiety, OCD and a perfectionist attitude that upset me during my years in college and continued to distract me during the growth of my online businesses. No matter how much success I realized, the sense of accomplishment was always diminished by an overriding cloud of anxiety.

“But then things changed…

“While researching potential future products for one of my businesses, I became aware of hemp-derived CBD oil. I have always felt that I should never promote or sell a product until I was convinced that it worked for me, so I began taking CBD oil on a regular basis.

“And then something happened…

“Suddenly, my anxiety and foggy brain disorientations began to diminish and I had a much easier time focusing and even multi-tasking. The product made a huge difference in my life, and since that time I have spent countless hours researching the organic hemp CBD industry.

“Today, I am the proud owner of Intrinsic Hemp. This company is founded on core principles of honesty, integrity and a sincere desire to introduce our customers to the products which can truly improve their lives.”

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1405 Capitol Dr Unit C165
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Telephone: +1 262-865-1012

Email: support@intrinsichemp.com

Website: Intrinsic Hemp

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