420 Sponsor of the Month: NextLight


We are pleased to announce that NextLight are 420 Magazine’s Sponsor Of The Month!

NextLight manufacturers a range of full spectrum LED grow lights designed to meet the needs of commercial and home growers alike.

NextLight’s full spectrum is easy to work with and provides the same sun-like qualities that plants love without the negatives of high energy requirements and high heat.

NextLight are proud to unveil the next generation of LED grow light technology with the NextLight Mega Pro.

The NextLight Mega Pro is a high efficiency, bright white LED grow light designed to efficiently outperform your traditional 1000W DE HPS. The superior diode array also outperforms typical LED bar fixtures, especially in shared lighting scenarios high above the canopy. Excessive power consumption, bulb replacements and heat are among the biggest problems indoor growers face. The NextLight Pro Series alleviates all of those issues.

The NextLight Mega Pro has the power and versatility for all stages and styles of indoor growing. Used primarily for high intensity flowering needs, the all new, Onboard Dimming feature allows for more control over desired light intensity. Output can be adjusted between 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

For supplemental greenhouse lighting, NextLight have also just launched the NextLight Plus Pro.

The NextLight Plus Pro is a high efficiency, bright white LED grow light designed for supplemental greenhouse use. Like the Mega Pro, it is DLC Hort Listed, qualifying for the best energy rebates available and backed by NextLight’s industry-leading 5 year full manufacturer warranty. The thin profile design minimizes shadows in the greenhouse and can also be used in various indoor applications.

At a lower operating cost than traditional technology, NextLight Plus Pro ensures vigorous production throughout the entire year, without bulb changes and maintenance.


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