420 Sponsor of the Month: Sierra Natural Science


We are pleased to announce that Sierra Natural Science are 420 Magazine’s Sponsor Of The Month!

Sierra Natural Science are a growing family business that has been creating & manufacturing pesticides, fungicides & herbicides for over 10 years.

SNS make organic & natural products that are safe around pets & children, & also reduce the environmental impact on the planet.

They process raw certified organic botanicals & herbs in-house, ensuring the extracted oils & terpenes have a consistent potency for their products.

All of Sierra Natural Science’s products are EPA Exempt, which means they pose little to no risk to your health or the environment & have a 0-day re-entry interval – so you don’t have to suit up to use their products.

SNS wanted to create products that weren’t made of harsh & harmful chemicals. All of their products are made to be safe around children & pets, when used as directed of course. Their 3 main products 209 – PC – DC are all organic certified, and can be used in organic production.

209 is an organic, systemic pesticide. It’s a preventative treatment to protect the whole plant against insects.

Their 244C natural fungicide kills fungal spores & nurtures the plant’s ability to fight & prevent diseases.

They also produce an effective range of grow, micro and bloom nutrients, dedicated hydroponic nutrients and an organic, all-purpose disinfectant.

All Sierra Natural Science products are proudly made in America. Products are only available in the United States.

Your hands and plants are safe, and you are in safe hands, with Sierra Natural Science.


Sierra Natural Science Inc.
1031 Industrial Street, Unit C,
Salinas CA, 93901

Phone: 831-757-1702


WebsiteSierra Natural Science

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