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Please join us in thanking Perfect Sun LED for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world.

Proudly based in the USA, the Perfect Sun spectrum is the sun perfected for indoors.

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Of course, nothing beats the sun when it comes to growing. The sun is “true” full spectrum. Companies have tried to bring the sun indoors for years. HPS do well enough but produce lots of heat. LEDs either are purple lights or all white, lacking the ability to grow like the sun.

After much testing and research, the Perfect Sun spectrum hit the world, evolving LEDs to what every grower was waiting for: LED lights that veg your plants with tight nodes and blows up your flowers with trichomes and thickness. Perfect Sun lights produce a true, full band spectrum with deep blues, deep reds, infrared, ultraviolet, and everything else the sun has.

Perfect Sun LED have a perfect range – nothing too complicated, just four perfect panels which will suit any indoor grow size. Each deliver impressive PAR readings – which simply means that the light will penetrate deeper into your plant, producing larger yields because even your lower buds will be dense and frosty.

Neil, the company founder, is himself an experienced grower. His objective was to offer quality lights at an affordable cost, to help and support the growing community. Lights are shipped from Oregon USA, unless you’re in Europe, when they come from a UK warehouse. Shipping is completely discrete, in a plain box.

Bring the perfection of the sun into your grow room with Perfect Sun.

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Perfect Sun LED

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