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Please join us in thanking Prescription Blend for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world.

Made from scratch and optimized for medical gardens in 12 years of grow testing, Prescription Blend’s simple 6 part system is easy to use and delivers on performance.

Prescription Blend only use organic non-GMO plant extracts, minerals from natural biological sources and traditional ingredients. Their nutrients work in a variety of gardens styles with all kinds of medical plants. In fact, their range is recommended for all media types: hydroponics, DWC, Coco and soil mixes.

The Prescription Blend team are biochemists and horticulture experts with a focus on understanding the plant-nutrient-environment interaction. They started out as medical growers in the Pacific Northwest and began to make their own nutrient blends from scratch in 2007.

Their Core A/B combination provides all macro and micro nutrients needed throughout the entire growth cycle from start to harvest.

Bio-Si is a silica complex with plant derived organic/non-gmo amino acids, made from multiple silica sources including rice hulls.

Big Data is a phosphorus and potassium supplement used in the flowering phase of growth, fully optimized for the needs of fast growing gardens.

Their Kelp-Ful provides fully chelated trace elements and Precursor 1 is a complex tonic, brewed with a variety of ingredients to perform as an overall metabolic booster.

Get your Prescription Blend nutrient kit and get growing to see their proven results for yourself. It’s just what the doctor ordered.


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Saint Helens, OR, 97051


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