420 Sponsor: Sweet Seeds


Please join us in thanking Sweet Seeds for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world.

Sweet Seeds are a world-renowned, pioneering seed bank specializing in feminized seeds.

All Sweet Seeds strains are of the highest quality and particularly aromatic, and all their seeds pass a strict quality control process before being sold.

99.9% feminized: All fans of marijuana plants know that this percentage is a vital key to success. Every single strain in the Sweet Seeds catalog is 99.9% feminized, producing female plants with top-quality genetics, high yields, resinous buds and great aromas.

Sweet Seeds have achieved international success by sticking firmly to their value set. Passion, hard work, dedication and research are the motors of their day-to-day business. They truly love their friend the marijuana plant and want to develop and care for her to pay her back for all she has given and will give to humanity.

Their collection is certainly worth checking out, whether you are looking for feminized, photoperiod, autos or CBD dominant strains. Uniquely, Sweet Seeds also offer a specific Red Family.

The Red Family is a collection of new, exotic and beautiful varieties of red-flowered marijuana. What most attracts the attention to this collection is the astonishing beauty of the plants. When the buds reach maturity they show red, purple and even bluish tones.

About 95% of the specimens from the Red Family genetic collection acquire these shades, (purple, reddish or bluish), in the buds during flowering and some individuals even develop these type of colors in the leaves, also during the flowering stage. Once harvested and dried, the flowers acquire a very dark purple tone, almost black.

Sweet Seeds are convinced that their work will transcend time, extend beyond us, and they are delighted to be able to spread the seeds across the globe.


Telephone: +34 96 389 04 03

Email: consultas@sweetseeds.es

Website: Sweet Seeds

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