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Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Tranquility Device to our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world.

420 Magazine exists so that you can fully appreciate the cannabis plant and interact with thousands of like-minded individuals around the world, sharing and gaining knowledge with us in our endeavor to end prohibition. We would not be able to continue operating this complicated website without the valued support of sponsors such as Tranquility Device and we ask that you also help our mission by supporting the sponsors who make this possible.

The Tranquiity Device can make a difference you can actually notice in your own experience. It does not stimulate or stress the body as a drug or any other synthetic substance does, but nurtures and helps restore a more natural state consistent with nature’s wise design. Their Tranquality Device is guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of your water regardless of what you use the water for including increasing the BRIX level of plants.

Tranquility Device helps to purify water and contribute to plants, animals, and humans being healthier. Thousands of personal experiences and studies have shown how benevolent just structuring water is.

When this form of water is available in its super-hydration form, the life system is able to perform this task rapidly and toxins are minimized or not allowed to linger. The more effective the structuring of the water is in plants or the body, the more nutrients are delivered, and the faster toxic excess is carried off. ATP is our basic unit to produce and transmit energy. It is essential that our water to supplement ATP, be in the best possible form.


Joe or Linda on Arizona Time.
(877) 793-4191
jb@lifestar.net or lb@lifestar.net

P.O. Box 3837
Sedona, AZ 86340

Thank you Tranquiity Device for your support in our mission. We are truly grateful!

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