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We are delighted to welcome Seedsman back to 420 Magazine as a valued sponsor.

Driven by a belief in the potential each seed holds, Seedsman have taken genetic diversity to the next level and created a higher plane of horticulture.

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For the past twenty one years, Seedsman has sat at the forefront of cannabis innovation. As the first seedbank to commercialize autoflowering and CBD genetics, they passionately pursue new and old varieties, focusing on selecting a genetic library with a diversity of unique traits.

Their story began in 2002 when two cousins founded Seedsman with a deep love for the genetic heritage of cannabis and a vision to connect the world’s greatest breeders. They created an international network of experts and innovators by travelling the globe searching for seeds, expertise, knowledge and culture. The company evolved and expanded from these humble beginnings into a leading seedbank where collectors can access the highest-quality authentic seeds from the world’s best breeders, alongside landrace strains preserved by nature, and collected by local botanists and enthusiasts.

Seedsman have created their own premium cannabis strains as well as developing one of the most diverse and comprehensive seed catalogues on the planet. With more than 650 cultivars in their ever-expanding seed library, they are blazing a trail towards a more heterogenous cannabis industry that can cater to the needs of every medical and adult user.

As the cannabis legalisation movement gathers pace worldwide, so does the need for continued innovation, improvement and increased accessibility to pedigree genetics. Seedsman was founded upon these principles and they remain committed to the enhancement of plant health, seed quality and selection to ensure that they provide strains that perform time and time again

Welcome to Seedsman, where the spirit of cannabis lives.

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