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GROWant is a Miami based LED company and the proud possessor of 17 LED patents applicable to lighting for biological products. With 12 years of research and development behind them and five generations of production lights, they are well-positioned to fulfil their mission of delivering high quality, artificial light to indoor growers, backed up by equally high quality service.

GROWant‘s panels all offer an enhanced full spectrum with the highest PAR/PPFD per Watt, delivered by German manufactured 2017 Osram horticultural LEDs. Their lights will make your plants feel good, and their contemporary design will make your grow room look good. GROWant‘s top of the range lights offer touch LCD displays which show time, temperature and intensity of each channel in real time. You can set them in three different modes – for veg, bloom and clone. What’s more, you can actually replicate natural daylight by using the sunrise, morning, afternoon and sunset settings. Or pop the panel into custom mode and experiment for yourself, tailoring to your own local conditions. These are also the first lights to have a lightening function – and able to replicate drifting clouds!

GROWant have also solved the problem of LED burnout, so often a frustration for indoor growers. Their lights have a unique “Overheat Protection”. Above 50 degrees, the fan automatically runs faster. Above 62 degrees, the power will automatically shut off. And when the light cools to 50 degrees, power automatically switches on again. The whole unit runs as a large heat sink, allowing heat transmission without resistance. The driver runs separately, as an aluminium unit placed outside the tent, delivering 90% power efficiency.

If you are a larger grower, you’ll welcome GROWant‘s Master and Slave capability. One Master unit can run up to 16 Slave units. And no more cables – the connection is wireless!

All in all, GROWant lights are cutting edge, taking nature as their teacher. From the vital elements of power and PAR to the natural add-ons of being able to programme them to reflect the progress of natural daylight, all packaged in neat and modern designs. And if all that doesn’t surprise you, take a look at their prices.

Add to all that a 14 day money back offer, 30 day exchanges, a four year warranty and free shipping within the US, and you’ll want a GROWant.



8356 SW
40 St D-I
Miami, FL 33155

Telephone: 305-938-7450

Sales: Teresa sales.growant@gmail.com
Service: Michael service.growant@gmail.com
Information: George info.growant@gmail.com

Website: GROWant

Thank you GROWant for your support in our mission. We are truly grateful!