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1st time grower, my girls are sick and they need help.

1st time grower, my girls are sick and they need help.

1st time grower. We are have a grow-cabinet Hydro system using 2 ea 90W LED, 1 plastic tub with 5 ea cannabis that are 2 wks old. Strains include Carmelious, Medijuana, and Super Nova. We are using 1 exhaust fan, 2 ea circulation fans, air pumps for oxidation and submergible pumps for water circulation. The plants leaves are turning yellow with green veins that eventually turn brown and dry, crumbling, leaf curl up. We have added a humidifier, raised the LED lights, increased the water level, turned off 1 of the circulation fans, and opened the cabinet door trying to raise the humidity level. We have recently turned on our AC and the thermostat is set at 70. The indoor temp of the cabinet has min/max of 62/93 and humidity min/max of 33/79 over the last few weeks. Our PPM is approx 330. pH = 6.5
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