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Hey Scotty this first hash run used 4 oz of ground-up Satellite which was so shitty I literallly couldn't sell it, in 20 minutes time had 18 grams of tasty (and knockout) hash.

Check out my next post I'll describe the effort. Completely new territory but OMG the hash is KILLER!

Peace, Hyena
Would it be to much to ask that you tag me in the next post you do?
ive got a lil ice machine on the way, so I will have some ice. I don’t have a washing machine.
But I do have a drill and this attachment For mixing paint/soil
And I have got those varying screen bags.
220 to 25 microns.
I’ve got a lil bag full of leaves. I’d like to try it on first.
I’ve tried making some bubble hash this way last winter, with just a koolaid mix stirrer. And a lot of man power for 1 day lol.
Got about 6 grams of hash from those leaves that way. And it was a hell of a lot Better then smoking a bucket of leaves lol.
Or trying to cook with it.

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