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Beautiful chest!:love: Did you make it bluenoserjoe?
A small keep sake box. Love building pieces like this but have to be inspired, usually by the wood I have on hand. After a good smoke many hours are spent connecting a piece of wood to what it wants to be in life,,,,,, or death, depending on the smoke.:ganjamon:
I myself have a passion for custom woodworking! :love:
I've spent many an hour in my shop designing and building box jointed as well as mortise & tenon chests that are all made out of recycled woods that I find in my area which I then plane down to restore their luster before turning them into something beautiful, well when they were first built that is.:laugh:
Time and use has a way of taking its toll if not keeping them maintained properly but I still love to this day.

Excellent work with the one you posted above, its absolutely gorgeous!:love:
Just finishing up on a few I made for xmas . I will post a pic when they are done.
Can't wait to see them!:3:
Here's a couple projects that I made out of recycled woods for my late mother over fifteen years ago and I now keep in my possession as a reminder of her life and so certain family members of mine don't get their hands of them.:rip:
They looked a lot nicer when first built years ago but like I said time has somewhat taken its toll on them.:(
First up is a recycled redwood jewelry box and the second a box jointed cedar blanket chest that I now use as a stash box for my medical cannabis and contest prize winnings!:ganjamon:

Ha actually made a jewelry box very similar to yours. Got a pic around here somewhere. For now, these I just now finished up for some xmas cash. Should make someone happy.

I bet it will! I'll take two to go please!:laugh:
Excellent work joining the pieces together, I really like the dark walnut (or I'm assuming that is) band against the lighter wood.:thumb: Is that poplar you're using by chance or a white oak possibly?:hmmmm: It's hard to tell from here but whatever kind of wood it is it looks great!:love:
You've got some real talent in the woodworking department bluenoser.:adore:
The box body is maple and yes walnut for the key. the strip on the top is mahogany and the bottoms (not shown) are of oak. All bits a pieces collected from different jobs over the years. Two more of a different style are on the assembly table for this morning. I have been doing this for (off and on) forty five years. My basement workshop is new (not the gear) And I am experimenting to see if I can make it work into retirement. Gotta say, I'm one of the lucky ones who mostly love their job.
I've loved most all of the jobs I have performed during my life also from presently being my elderly parents (past tense for my late ma) primary caregiver for nearly fourteen years now to growing and providing free medical cannabis for close friends of mine who are all ill in one way or another as well as my woodworking and photography work which has been published many a time in Hightimes Magazine over the years in their Pix-of-the-Crop section.
If one's not truly happy doing what they do in life than what's the purpose of working hard if not just for the money which to me doesn't provide inner peace and happiness. :hmmmm:

I wish you all the best in your future woodworking endeavors, hope it all works out for ya!:thumb:

Have good day bluenoser! ttyl!:Namaste:

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