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  • IMG_1833.jpeg
    I wonder what the deal is with not trimming them back before the freeze. Maybe the hips store food? Wild. Im really surprised they last al all...
  • IMG_1833.jpeg
    I got mine shipped as bare root from a nursery in a different province. I guess you can’t ship dirt across the country due to pathogens and...
  • Greenhouse
    I’m loving this greenhouse Momma K! :popcorn: Following and catching up in your journal now.
  • IMG_1833.jpeg
    They are super tough. When its bare root season they come in huge boxes. The roses inside aren't in dirt they are "bareroot" waiting for someone...
  • IMG_1833.jpeg
    These roses really aren’t supposed to grow here (Central Alberta) due to our brutal winters, but I manage to keep most of them alive year to year

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