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  • Sexxpot
    I was using bio buzz all mix ,very strong for transplanting as I found out the hard way , I have some kosher kush and wedding cake to try next but...
  • Sexxpot
    Thank you. I use Mega Crop with Pro Mix. I don't pH. It's cheap and super easy. Does a great job.
  • Sexxpot
    Very nice ,and healthy as #@*! Organic soil ?
  • Mars Hydro Black Friday Sale
    I see you are using the old trick of raising the price of your tents just before the BF sale starts? So no real saving then... disappointing :(
  • E01B6624-1BDC-495F-93F7-A4A3B34D9AEF.jpeg
    Aloha my Braddah! Hope you and ohana a wonderful danksgiving :48:

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