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  • fiberglass-1668.jpg
    Exactly! So hopefully it works. I like this option over the sand as I can remove it to water and just place it back on when done. I really didn't...
  • fiberglass-1668.jpg
    Yeah I hear you. I've been fighting them for awhile now. Little buggers. I'm about an hour out of red deer Alberta, I have to make a trip and get...
  • fiberglass-1668.jpg
    Correct... Gnatnix apprently works great but it's hard to get here in Canada online. Closest store is 45 minutes away. It's mainly 100% recycled...
  • fiberglass-1668.jpg
    Are you putting the fiberglass there to help with fungus gnats? Does it work or what's the deal
  • Gorilla Glue
    I love all the phenotypes in this room. Tiny little leaves to great big 9 fingered ladies. The smells... especially when I LST. I tried to PH the...

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