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    I was really wondering what that gadget was lol! I realized I haven’t seen any of your gardens or anything lately so I wanted to see whatcha had...
  • 24E37A2E-0B85-4A21-9023-E660CD29A579.png
    Nope other then that lil microscope and app I am not, but when using it on dispensary buds it is barely ever off so I’m pretty confident it works...
  • 24E37A2E-0B85-4A21-9023-E660CD29A579.png
    So are you getting your flower tested?
  • Mold?
    No idea, if it is at least it’s been removed. Just keep an eye out on the other leaves.
  • IMG_1902.jpeg
    Damn! That photo caption should read: "Acapulco Gold on left right -- gets sun all day long!"

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