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    flawless colors. zero burn. sigh... I'll get there!
  • DSC_0070.JPG
    looking at this spear, only (yes, i peaked under ur canopy! have u experimented with bud stacking/backbuilding? or is that a more og type strain...
  • IMG_20191019_201317.jpg
    Built it. You can find a parts list on LED Gardner HERE Mine is the 3x3 Bridgelux build. 3500k, about 300 real watts.
  • IMG_20191019_201317.jpg
    What light u use brotha n were u get it
  • IMG_5272.jpg
    can't wait to see. I'm watching the atf pot boil, praying for em to burst, rather than living in fear of it, for a change. never, have i seen this...

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