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  • power plant
    This looks really good I have a Powerplant that's 4 weeks old and 5" tall am I doing something wrong?
  • 25B40D86-E066-4B9E-8FD0-FE52D18AA6FE.jpeg
    then, go check your state controller's website for unclaimed property . you'd b surprised. I've found tens of thousands for friends n family...
  • 25B40D86-E066-4B9E-8FD0-FE52D18AA6FE.jpeg
    grew up surfin the hb cliffs, in o.c., cali. now... just a couple toys left to sell off, with us broken n kids- gone. i dunno if i already said...
  • 25B40D86-E066-4B9E-8FD0-FE52D18AA6FE.jpeg
    I was a white water (and helped teach) river adrenaline junky for a few years and have surfed back when, now I'm old with a few injuries coming...
  • 25B40D86-E066-4B9E-8FD0-FE52D18AA6FE.jpeg
    i read somewhere u like surf flicks? still get wet? i miss it, terribly. seadoo doesn't hold a candle to it.

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