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Levo 2 infusion machine and Lambs breath butter (sativa) morning use.
I am a new user/ grower. I have 3 AK-47 plants in 3rd week flowering. I also ordered a Levo ll. I was wondering what your flower to butter ratio was.
It appears that you have lessened the concentration for the coconut oil since you used 7 grams flower for a 1/4 lb of butter and 14 grams flower for the lb. of oil. Did you notice a difference in effect? Actually, on a scale of 1 - 10, with 1 being little effect and 10 being totally wasted, what would you say is your experience with the butter you did. BTW, thank you for taking the time to answer. I am looking to be buzzed but not wasted which is why I ask.
The 1/4 butter I made fruity pebble treats with and Id say I wasn't buzzed but I do for pain management and it worked for me. Now with the oil I made 3 batches of gummies and 5 gummies I feel no pain and more than 5 I'm stupid high. But I am not a smoker and I am a newbie to edibles also. They are so much better than the pain pills the doctors give which cause me worse side effects than the pain. Plus the 7 grams wasn't the same quality of flower. The quality of your flower is going to really determined everything.
I might have to get the second pod. Thank you for sharing your experiences with edibles. I'm growing AK-47 which is high in THC and low CBD. Next time I will try for seeds with a higher CBD ratio, though I really don't need it for pain relief. Thanks again.

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