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  • 20190320_190537.jpg
    It is Blue Dream. Humidity stays around 42% during night and day, is that too high?
  • 20190320_092125.jpg
    What a way to make the new york times, lol.
  • 20190320_190537.jpg
    Hey what strain is this? this looked very similar to my Blue dream I grew which o believe was caused by high humidity?
  • D16AF9A4-6F39-496F-ABAC-68A392E83345.jpeg
    Thanks, was looking at some blurples but it seems quantum boards might be they way to go. Once again great grow!
  • D16AF9A4-6F39-496F-ABAC-68A392E83345.jpeg
    @Curiousnoob They are from left to right. king 1000w actual 185w, maxisun dimmable 300watt actual 180w, and viparspectra 600watt actual 185w. All...

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